Congratulations to the 2021 undergraduate fellowship awardees

2021 fellowship​s awarded to four undergraduate students

Published May 10, 2021

The Department of Biological Sciences at the University at Buffalo is pleased to announce that Ryan Swick, Alaina Bailey, Sydney Brongo, and Emily Bouffard are each recipients of our 2021 undergraduate fellowships. The fellowships are made possible by the generous support of our donors. The awards recognize each undergraduate student's outstanding academic achievements and services at UB.

2021 Undergraduate Fellowships Awards

  • Ryan Swick, (Lee lab), $1,500., McCroskey Endowment Fellow 
  • Alaina Bailey, (Arany lab), $1,000., Alumni Endowment Fellow 
  • Sydney Brongo, (Xu-Friedman lab), $1,250​., Abate Endowment Fellow 
  • Emily Bouffard, (Krabbenhoft lab), $1,250., Miles Endowment Fellow 


  • Fellowships and Scholarships

    Fellowships & Scholarships.

    Our generous alumni and friends have established fellowship and scholarship programs aimed at enhancing the educational experiences of our undergraduate students. These fellowships and scholarships are open to undergraduates who are majors and/or intending to major in Biological Sciences and are interested in conducting research. We strongly encourage all our students to apply for fellowships and scholarships. The next call for scholarship applications will be announced in Spring 2022.

    Applications open each spring for the following awards (subject to change):

    • Joseph T. Abate, DMD, Research Fellowship
    • Irving and Natalie Knobloch Endowment Scholarship
    • Sidney and Marjorie McCroskey Endowment Scholarship
    • Philip G. Miles Undergraduate Research Fellowship 

    Please contact Dr. Zhen Wang ( for questions.

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    Congratulations to our undergraduate fellowship awardees

    Thank you to the generous donors who support our students.

    2021 Undergraduate Fellows

    • Ryan Swick, (Lee lab), $1,500., McCroskey Endowment Fellow 
    • Alaina Bailey, (Arany lab), $1,000., Alumni Endowment Fellow 
    • Sydney Brongo, (Xu-Friedman lab), $1,250​., Abate Endowment Fellow 
    • Emily Bouffard, (Krabbenhoft lab), $1,250., Miles Endowment Fellow 

    2020 Undergraduate Fellows

    • Lauren Heinzinger, (Elsa Bou Ghanem lab), $1,500., McCroskey Endowment Fellow
    • Sam Zheng, (Cullen lab), $1,250., McCroskey Endowment Fellow
    • Antonina Bandrivska, (Ferkey lab), $1,250​., McCroskey Endowment Fellow
    • Brain Foote, (Krabbenhoft lab), $1,000., Knoblock Endowment Fellow
    • Karrar Aljanahi, (Walker lab), $1,500., Raszl Endowment Fellow
    • Umair Syed, (Gokcumen lab), $1,000., Raszl Endowment Fellow
    • Omolara Adeyemi (Ferkeley lab), $1,250., Raszl Endowment Fellow

    2019 Undergraduate Fellows

    • Tierney Day, (Guanawardena lab), $2,000., McCroskey Endowment Fellow
    • Hannah Zazulak, (Johnson lab), $2,000., McCroskey Endowment Fellow
    • Megan Wallace, (Lindqvist lab), $1,250., Knoblock Endowment Fellow
    • Katherine Eaton, (Krabbenhoft lab), $1,000., Miles Endowment Fellow
    • Michaela Richter, (Albert lab), $250., Miles Endowment Fellow
    • Taha Faek, (Bliss lab), $1,500, Raszl Endowment Fellow
    • Oran Morton, $1,500, Raszl Endowment Fellow

    2017-2018 Undergraduate Fellows

    • Connor Cook, (Xu-Friedman), $1,250., McCroskey Endowment Fellow, and, New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2017 and 2018.
    • Logan Fahrenkopf, $2,000., McCroskey Endowment Fellow, and, 2017 and 2018, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
    • Amit Mehrota, (Cullen) $2,000., McCroskey Endowment Fellow, 2017.
    • Kwang Jin (Moses) Chung, (Teschung Lee), $1,250., Knobloch Endowment Fellow, 2017 and 2018 awards, leading to UMD/Ph.D. program. UB Highlight: Volunteering to make a difference.
    • Emily Bonacquisti, (Paul Gollnick), $1,250., Miles Fellowship, 2017 and 2018, leading to UB Pharmacy.
    • Ryan Kaminski, (Dziask), $,1500., Alumni Fellow, 2017 and 2018.


    • Hannah Zazulak (2019 McCroskey Fellow) currently a MD student at the University of New England.
    • Katherine Eaton (2019 Miles Fellow) currently a PhD student at Auburn University.
    • Michaela Richter (2019 Miles Fellow) currently a MS student at UB Biological Sciences.
    • Lulu He (2018 Miles Fellow) currently a MS student of UB pharmacy.
    • Lynn Sidor (2018 McCroskey Fellow) is now a PhD student at University of Rochester
    • Nana Ayoluwa (2018 Knobloch Fellow) now works at Applied Microbiota.
    • Connor Cook (2017 McCroskey Fellow) is now studying at New York Institute of Technology, College of Osteopathic Medicine.
    • Logan Fahrenkopf (2017 McCroskey Fellow) now works at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.
    • Kuang Jin (Moses) Chuang (2017 Knobloch Fellow) is now a MD/PhD student at Washington University.
    • Emily Bonacquisti (2017 Miles Fellowship) is now a PhD student at UB pharmacy.
    • Alexa Bracci (2016 McCroskey Fellow) is graduating with highest honors and she will be studying for her graduate degree in Cornell University, UK.
    • Hannah Calkins (2016 Alumni Fellow) has received an outstanding research award for her poster presentation at the UB’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.