Conservation Efforts

The Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences would like to make every effort to conserve energy and costs in this ailing economy. Items listed below reflect just some of the suggestions the Conservation Committee proposes that faculty, staff, and students incorporate into their daily routine. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-buy supports our economy as well as our environment. Thank you to all for making small adjustments that will go a long way.

Conservation Committee Mission
It is the mission of the CDS Conservation Committee to investigate avenues through which the Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences can maximize conservation efforts to economize while promoting the efficiency of how the department functions and the ecology of our shared environment. It is the Committee’s intent to collect and disseminate conservation strategies that may be adopted by faculty, staff, and students to promote the 3Es (Economy, Ecology and Efficiency) related to our working environment.

Using Technology to Economize
As a department, let us find new ways of using technology to reduce the reliance on paper and ink to share information. Below are suggestions made by the Conservation Committee. Please feel free to contact the Conservation Committee with additional methods to be added to this webpage.
Making PDF Documents to Post on UBLearns

Tip of the Week

TIP #1 This is a basic one, but easy to forget during a hectic day - please remember to turn off lights and computer monitors when leaving an office space for lunch or to teach a class.

TIP #2 Paper use: Try to take stock of your paper use throughout the day. One easy way to reduce the paper we use is to print two-sided whenever possible. Setting the default print setting on printers to “two-sided” or “duplex” printing is a good way of reminding ourselves to do this.

TIP #3 Also when printing, consider setting your default settings to draft or low quality for every day printing.

TIP #4 TA's and Faculty: please remember to use UBLearns to post notes and other documents for your course to eliminate the need to make costly copies for the entire class.

TIP #5 Reminder, blue bins in offices are for recycling paper, black bins are for garbage.

TIP #6 For CDS department members, you will find battery recycling bins in the main office and the clinic office. Please consider using these bins so that batteries may be properly disposed of and recycled.

TIP #7 Time Saver: Have you ever had two columns of information in an Excel document that you wanted to merge, without retyping. Here's how to do it. If in cell A1 you have "Peter" and in cell A2 you have "Clark" the formula *=A1 & A2* in A3 will result in "PeterClark". If you want a space between the first name and surname you will use the formula *=A1 & " " & A2 *telling Excel to insert a space. (Space between double quotes) between the values of cell A1 and cell A2.

TIP #8 Energy Saver: Unplug electronic devices or turn off power strips when devices are not in use. Keeping them plugged in will drain energy.