Advising Information

Dr. Ling-Yu Guo serves as academic advisor to all currently enrolled MA students in CDS. If you are a prospective student with questions about the program, please contact the Director of Admissions, Laura Smith. 


Certification of Full-time Status

As you begin your course of study in the CDS Master's program, there are a number of forms and services of which you should be aware. Below are links to documents our students may need after different times.   

Students in the MA program will be registered for fewer than 12 credits, the minimum number of credits required for status as a Full-time student. Some students may need to complete a "Certification of Full-time Status" form to verify continued enrollment at UB. Common reasons for needing to complete this form include 1) loan deferral, and 2) international student (F1) visa status. The Certification of Full-time Status form can be downloaded from the Graduate School here. Complete the top portion of the form and then forward it to the current CDS Graduate Coordinator for signatures. The CDS Department will then route to the Graduate School.

Course Waiver

This form is to be completed in the following instances: 1) Make-up students or students with an undergraduate degree in a field other than CDS who have completed undergraduate pre-requisite courses at other institutions (see MA Curriculum Plan for a list of undergraduate pre-requisite courses for non-CDS majors), 2) Students seeking pre-approval of math, physical science, etc. courses to be taken to fulfill ASHA requirements, and 3) Students who have completed the equivalent of required Graduate courses at other institutions.

Graduate Course Request Form (used for Independent Study, Research, Thesis)

Complete this form for registration in CDS 600 Independent Study, CDS 699 Doctoral Theory & Research and CDS 700 Research.  All sections must be completely filled out.  The form must be approved by the course instructor. Please email it to the Graduate Coordinatorto be resgistered.   Note that CDS 700 can be used with PhD, MA thesis and AuD.

Praxis Test Information

Information on registering for the ASHA Praxis exam. A passing grade on the exam is required for degree conferral. Here is a link to all the score recipient codes you may need for ASHA and/or state licensure   We are U at Buffalo Code: RA0209

New York State Teacher Certification

Students interested in practicing in an educational setting in New York State are required to complete program requirements.  Learn more about NYS Requirements

International Students: Curricular Practical Training

International students registered for CDS 624/592 must complete mandatory paperwork for international students on externship. Students are responsible for reading and understanding the information provided by the ISSS office. On the ISSS website, students are encouraged to pay particular attention to the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) section. The CPT form allows international students to work OFF CAMPUS to complete clinical practical training. Note that ISSS needs 5-7 Business Days to process paperwork for a NEW I-20. This NEW I-20 will clearly state the externship placement name and the dates approved. The Clinic will provide the letter that students will need to submit to ISSS verifying practicum locations and dates of assignment. Failure to comply with requirements of the ISSS for curricular practical training is a VIOLATION of F-1 visa status.

A CPT (Clinical Practical Training) form for off campus clinic is mandatory, EVEN IF practicum is only one day a week. 2nd and 3rd year AuD students registered for CDS 592 must go through this procedure every semester with an off campus placement, even for part time placements. Any specific questions inquire with International Student Service and Scholar Office (ISSS) at UB.

International Student Services and Scholar Office (ISSS)

CAA Complaint Process

"A complaint about any accredited program or program in candidacy status may be submitted by any student, instructional staff member, speech-language pathologist, audiologist, and/or member of the public" (per CAA website).

All complaints must be signed and submitted in writing to the vice presidents for academic affairs ("Vice Presidents")American Speech Language-Hearing Association, 2200 Research Boulevard, #310, Rockville, MD 20850 Complaints will not be accepted by e-mail or facsimile

Professional Status after Graduation

This document provides students with the information about how to apply for (a) ASHA certification, (b) New York State License, and (c) New York State Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (for students earning MA with curriculum track in SLP).

Professional Links