Christina T. Stocking


Christina Stocking.

Christina T. Stocking


Christina T. Stocking


Clinical Professor
College of Arts and Sciences

Current Work

Tinnitus evaluation and management, hearing aid evaluation and fitting, diagnostic audiology, aural rehabilitation.  Clinical research in tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Education / Training

  • Au.D., Salus University, 2003
  • M.A, SUNY at Buffalo, 1980
  • B.S., Ithaca College, 1978

Employment / Professional Experience

  • 1988-present, SUNY at Buffalo; Clinical Associate Professor of Audiology
  • 1993-1997, Williamsville Audiology; Private Practice; Owner
  • 1981-1988, Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo; Audiologist
  • 1981-1988, Buffalo Otological Group; Audiologist
  • 1980-1981, National Technical Institute for the Deaf; Audiology Faculty

Professional Honors

  • Dean’s Award for Excellence in Audiology from PCO School of Audiology, 2004
  • Award for Continuing Education issued by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association
  • Oracle Society, academic and community service award from Ithaca College, 1977
  • Phi Kappa Phi, academic achievement honor fraternity, admitted 1977
  • Summa Cum Laude graduate of Ithaca College, 1978

Research and Creative Activities

  • 2014-2017: PI for NIH sponsored phase IIB study titled “A Blinded Randomized Pilot Study Assessing Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) Paired with Tones for Tinnitus vs. VNS alone.  Sponsored by NIH and MicroTransponder, Inc.
  • 2013-2014:  PI for project titled “Effectiveness of the Widex Zen Therapy as a Treatment for Tinnitus” partially funded by hearing instruments donated by the Widex company.
  • 2011-2012: PI for sponsored project titled, “Evaluation of the Efficacy of the S-Tone Audio Stimuli as a Treatment for Tinnitus,” a multi-center industry funded research project on a new sound therapy for tinnitus
  • 2009-2011:  PI for sponsored project titled “Reliability of the minimum masking level as outcome variable in tinnitus clinical research”
  • 2010: Co-investigator on new study “Using Auditory Evoked MLR to Evaluate Hyperacusis” pending start date
  • 2006-2009: Local PI of multi-center NIH funded grant, “Randomized Trial of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy”, directed by R. Tyler, U. of Iowa
  • 2006-2007: Co-investigator for “Somatic tinnitus” study with Dr. R. Simmons,
  • 2003-present: Annually chair multiple audiology students’ clinical doctorate research projects
  • Spring 2002: Co-Principal investigator for FDA outcome/safety study of an ultrasonic bone-conducted masking device for treatment of tinnitus. Funded by Hearing Innovations, Inc.                                       
  • Spring-Fall 2001: Co-Principal investigator for clinical research project, “The Effectiveness of an Ultrasonic Bone-Conducted Masking Device to Relieve Tinnitus,” Funded by Hearing Innovations, Inc.


  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation Paired with Tones for the Treatment of Tinnitus.  Scientific Reports-Nature, Sept 2017, 7:11960
  • fficacy of the Individual Components of a Tinnitus Management Protocol.  Audiology Online, January: 2017
  • Amplitude modulated S tones can be superior to noise for tinnitus reduction. Am J Audiol 2014 Sep;23(3):303-8
  • Head, Neck, and Eye Movements That Modulate Tinnitus. Semin Hear. 2008 November ; 29(4): 361–370.
  • Hearing Loss and Communication, Chapter in Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus, 2008, Auricle Ink Publishers


  • CDS 525: Clinical Processes
  • CDS 591: Clinical Practicum in Audiology

Departmental Service

  • Admissions committee member
  • Clinic committee member

Professional Service

  • 2016:  Reviewer for American Speech-Language and Hearing Association’s Practice Portal, standard of practice for tinnitus evaluation and treatment
  • 2014: Reviewer for American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Clinical Guideline on Tinnitus
  • 2011: Member, planning committee for the Auditory Research Conference of the American Academy of Audiology
  • 2010: Reviewer for American Academy of Audiology clinical guideline on tinnitus evaluation and management