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SASH students representing NSSLHA at ASHA in Los Angeles.

SASH students representing NSSLHA at ASHA in Los Angeles

Student Association of Speech and Hearing (SASH)

SASH, an organization led by undergraduates, exists to unite students who intend on entering the workforce as SLPs and AUDs. The club strives to make Speech & Hearing Science majors active learners and to ignite a genuine passion for the specialized field. Our members participate in a variety of relevant activities throughout Western New York. We attend educational seminars, contribute to activities in nursing homes and hospitals, and volunteer at charity walks. SASH members attend on-campus meetings meant to enhance social and learning experiences, whether it be to prepare for the graduate school application process or to celebrate our field during Better Hearing & Speech Month. We hope to help eager students feel supported in the company of like-minded peers. The SASH officers would love to hear from you. They can be contacted at or their personal email accounts listed below. Questions, suggestions, and requests to join SASH are always welcome!

SASH Officers for the 2020-2021 Academic Year:

President- Sara Spilkevitz

Vice President- Sarah Cruz

Treasurer- Leah Santalis

Secretary- Mackenzie Allen

Event coordinator- Sarah Vicari

Student Liaison- Alyssa DeCaro

Faculty Liaison: Erin O'Brien Wilson (

UB CDS faculty and students at ASHA.

The Student Academy of Audiology (SAA)

2019-2020 Executive Board

President: Emily Kam

Vice-President: Haley Connolly

Secretary: Alex Verost

Treasurer: Alicia Vilnyanskiy

Outreach Chair: Jenna Hendler

Social Chair: Tara Mango

Advisor: Nancy Stecker

2020-2021 Executive Board

President: Alicia Vilnyanskiy

Vice-President: Alex Verost

Secretary: Thea Holder

Treasurer: Rachel Green

Outreach Chair: Kailyn Hurren

Social Chair: Hailey Pytel

SAA is a non-profit professional student organization dedicated to education, research, and networking in audiology. The Buffalo SAA chapter aims to serve as an active voice for Au.D. and Ph.D. students at the local, regional, and national level.

Comprised of about thirty members, our local chapter is determined to be active in community service efforts, government relations, and hearing health awareness campaigns. In addition, the Buffalo SAA Chapter continues to serve as a strong social outlet for Au.D. and Ph.D. students.



UB Audiology Alumni:


Graduate Student Association (GSA) Communication Disorders and Sciences (CDS) Speech Departmental Club

GSA-CDS-Speech/ National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

All graduate students in the CDS speech-language pathology program are automatically members of GSA-CDS-Speech and are encouraged to join our NSSLHA chapter. Our goal is to promote academic, scholarly, clinical, and professional interests of its members. Academic events, volunteer opportunities, and social events are offered throughout the semester. Active members can expect to connect professionally with people in the CDS community, including students and faculty/staff. Events include: The Moving Day Walk for Parkinson’s Disease, Friendsgiving Potluck, Annual Teddy Bear Clinic, Annual UB CDS Conference, and the Graduation Party.

Graduate students can receive benefits offered by GSA. Graduate benefits include: conference funding towards ASHA, discount movie/sports tickets, and more! Check out for more graduate benefits.

NSSLHA members receive ASHA member benefits including opportunities for NSSLHA scholarships, career support and access to ASHA journals.

If you have any questions about GSA-CDS-Speech/NSSLHA or would like to be more involved and become an officer, you can contact the officers of GSA-CDS-Speech at their personal email accounts listed below.

2020-2021 UB NSSLHA officers

V2020-2021 GSA Officers

President: Jessica Browning

Vise President: TBD

Secretary: Hunter Steffenhagen

Treasurer: Sara Herr

Fundraising Chair: Katie Page

Service Chair: Sarah Barbolini & Makayla Watson-Wales

Social Chair: Shannon Wilk

Senators: TBD

Faculty Liason: Erin O'Brien Wilson (

Five students.

SASH students attending the ASHA Convention in 2016