Letter of Recommendation

Many faculty write close to 200 letters per year for students and former students in order to satisfy graduate school application requirements. Therefore, faculty members take considerable time to write letters in detail and make every effort to present candidates in the best possible light. To facilitate the process, students are requested to follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Requesting Letters of Recommendation

1. Request for letters of recommendation should be made no later than the last day of final exam week in the fall semester by 5:00 pm.

2. Hard copies of the following documents must also be provided to the faculty member before the last day of the final exam week in the fall semester by 5:00 pm:

  1. Curriculum vitae (The overall GPA and Major GPA must be specified)
  2. Informal transcript
  3. Statement of Purpose
  4. A list of schools that you intend to apply and the associated information, including the deadline of application, the required documents/forms, the method of submitting the letter (e.g., via website or via mail), stamped envelopes with addresses of schools if letters have to be sent by mail, etc.

3. Although students may apply to as many schools as they wish, it is recommended that students request no more than 10 letters from a faculty member. If possible, please do not add additional schools after providing required documents in #2 above to the faculty member.