Dr. Richard Salvi's research on hyperacusis featured in January 18, 2018 delawareonline article, "Pain from sound: Air horn blast gives Delaware teen rare hearing problem."

The Don Henderson ARO Travel Award Fund has been established by his family to recognize his outstanding career and contributions to the field of auditory Research.   This fund will provide support for young investigators and developing scientists and clinicians to attend the organization's annual conference.  Donations to the fund can be made on the ARO website,

Dr. Salvi featured in Daily Beast article, "Sonic Boom—and Bust? Were the Cuban ‘Sonic Attack’ Victims Actually Poisoned?" December 8, 2017.

Dr. Salvi's research on "hidden hearing loss" featured in interview on Top of Mind radio show on BYU Radio on May 17, 2017.

"Hearing Tests Don't Always Make the Grade"   (click the white arrow in the blue box and Dr. Salvi's portion of the program will play)

Dr. Salvi's research featured in Buffalo News article "Study delves into ‘hidden’ hearing loss."
Traditional hearing tests often fail to diagnose patients with a common form of inner ear damage that might otherwise be detected by exams that depend on behavioral responses, according to a study led by University at Buffalo researchers. 

Dr. Gail Seigel was awarded the Fight for Sight Alumni Achievement Award for 2017.  Dr. Seigel received a grant-in-aid from Fight for Sight in 2004, an Award of Merit in 2006 and is now being recognized for her achievements in the field of vision research, as well as in her dedication to the Fight for Sight mission by co-chairing the Fight for Sight grant review committee and helping to promote the next generation of vision scientists.

Donald Henderson, Ph.D., October 3, 1938 to February 1, 2017.  Dr. Henderson moved to the University at Buffalo in 1987 where he served as Professor and Chair of the Department of Communicative Disorders and Science. Henderson co-founded the Center for Hearing & Deafness and established a strong research program at UB that focused on noise-induced hearing loss.  Henderson was an excellent teacher, trained many MS and Ph.D. students and published more than 200 scholarly papers, chapters and books.  Don had continual research support throughout his career from federal grants from NIH, NIDCD, NIOSH, etc., drug companies and private foundations.  He organized more than a dozen international conferences in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.  Dr. Henderson retired in 2012 from the University at Buffalo.  Plans are in the works at this time to establish an ARO scholarship in Dr. Henderson's name.

"Hearing loss could change nerve cells" Discovery: UB Research Changing Our World, December, 2016 edition.

"What Causes Tinnitus" The Naked Scientists Podcast, University of Cambridge, June 23rd, 2015

Dr. Salvi discusses his recent publication, "Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Involve Hyperactivity and Enhanced Connectivity in Auditory-Limbic-Arousal-Cerebellar Network", published in the prestiges journal, eLife. (Chen, Y.C., Li, X., Liu, L., Wang, J., Lu, C.Q., Yang, M., Jiao, Y., Zang, F.C., Radziwon, K., Chen, G.D., Sun, W., Krishnan Muthaiah, V.P., Salvi, R., Teng, G.J. 2015. Elife 4, 1 - 19. pmcid: 4426664). The podcast was also rebroadcasted on BBC5 Live and Radio National in Australia.

"Breakthrough in Tinnitus Research" The UB Reporter, May 14th, 2015

Dr. Salvi's recent breakthrough in tinnitus research could lead to a testable model. 

Audiology Student Collaboration with the General Hospital of PLA in Beijing: In 2013, Dr. Wei Sun from the Center and from the CDS department started a summer audiology clinic training program in Beijing, China.  Five audiology students and four audiology faculty members participate in the program each year.  The hosting hospital is one of the best hospitals in China.  The ENT Department carries out inner and middle ear surgeries, including cochlear implants and middle ear device implantations.  Their audiology group can administer sophisticated audiological tests, including auditory steady-state response test, newborn hearing and gene screening, vestibular tests, cochlear implant mapping and hearing aid fitting.  During this three week program, students have opportunities to work with the local otolaryngologists and audiologists on clinical cases and research projects.  This program will not only provide a unique opportunity to our students on clinical practice, it will also help them learn about Chinese culture and their health care system.  The General Hospital of PLA in Beijing generously supports the cost for our students and faculty while in China.    

"Donald Henderson Receives 2013 Career Award in Hearing or Balance" The American Academy of Audiology

Dr. Henderson was honored at the Academy Honors & Awards Banquet on April 4th, 2013 during the AudiologyNOW! 2013 conference in Anaheim, California.

"Dr. Richard Salvi Appointed SUNY Distinguished Professor" UB Reporter, November 28th, 2011

On November 22nd, 2011, the SUNY Board of Trustees appointed Richard Salvi to SUNY Distinguished Professor, the highest rank in the SUNY system. 

"Remodeling Sensory and Motor Circuits in the Brain: New Insights from Hearing Loss and Tinnitus" Microsoft, October 29th, 2010 (video)

Dr. Richard Salvi presents background and describes recent studies of the remarkable neuroplastic reorganization in the auditory cortex in response to hearing loss, touching on how studies of tinnitus and hearing loss provide a window into the organization and operation of the nervous system.

The following articles include quotes from Dr. Salvi:

"That Buzzing Sound: The Mystery of Tinnitus"  The New Yorker, March 3rd, 2009 

 "The Buzz that Veterans Hear"  The Washington Post, March 10th, 2009

"No Longer Music to Their Ears" The National Newspaper, June 3rd, 2008