Bryan Counter

PhD Student (2017)

Areas of Interest

French Literature and Theory; German Philosophy; Aesthetics

Research Project

I am interested in the modalities of aesthetic experience, ranging from the history of aesthetic philosophy to 19th and 20th century French literature and thought (namely Proust, Deleuze, and Blanchot). More specifically, I am interested in looking at the impact that Kant's third Critique has had and continues to have on the Western understanding of aesthetics and aesthetic experience, and how the writing of certain French thinkers responds, however indirectly, to Kant's claims.

Academic Background

I graduated with a BA from Hampshire College, where I studied literature, theory, and philosophy.

Recent publications:

  • 'Pour cet état si particulier ’: Disinterest and the Impersonal Resonance of Aesthetic Experience.' SubStance 49.3 (2020): 19–36
  •  “‘Peut-être aurais-je dû penser’: Research and Event in Proust,” in Literature and Event: Twenty-First Century Reformulations, eds. Derek Attridge and Mantra Mukim (New York: Routledge, 2021), 74-89.
  •  “Intoxication: Reading Between Proust and Barthes.” Barthes Studies, vol. 7 (2021): 85-109.