Rachit Anand

PhD Student (2017)

Rachit Anand.

Areas of Interest

20th century Novel; Allegory; Theory

Research Project

Currently, I am invested in the works of the novelist J.M. Coetzee and the status of allegory in twentieth century fiction. I hope to pay deeper attention to the "happening" of an allegory as a singular event that the reader experiences while interacting with a text that does not readily makes itself available for a philosophical or an allegorical interpretation, yet it hints towards an “other” reading that is wrapped into the fabric of fiction. To this end, I am also exploring the works of Kant, Heidegger, Derrida, Auerbach, Agamben and Lacan among others.

Academic Background

I hold a Master's degree and an M.Phil in English literature from the University of Delhi, India. My M.Phil dissertation was titled “Enclosures of Guilt: The Predicament of Law and Ethics in Bernhard Schlink's 'The Reader' and 'Self's Punishment'.”

Why COL at UB?

“Comparative Literature offers a unique opportunity within contemporary academic practices to explore texts and ideas across barriers of language, temporality and discipline. While doing this, this program also allows us to reflect more deeply upon the nature of those barriers and how they gain their validation.”