Sameera Abbas

PhD Student (2018)

Areas of Interest

Literature of Human Rights; Psychoanalysis

Research Project

In the politically unstable and uncertain world today, the understanding and implementation of Human Rights has become the need of the day. Through my work I intend to contribute to a detailed study of literature of Human Rights, how and why it is important in the contemporary world and how it merges deeply with the ideas of colonial and postcolonial studies. From a psychoanalysis perspective I also intend to study trauma among victims of human rights violations.

Academic Background

Masters in English from University of Peshawar, Pakistan M.Phil in English from University of Peshawar, Pakistan

Why COL at UB?

“An inclusive approach to literature of all kinds and regions/languages that allows the students to choose from an array of multiple perspectives and in which the students can excercise a freedom of moving their lens of study back and forth as they wish to have a micro or macro view of the literature they study. I decided to come to this department for this freedom as a scholar as well as for the challenge this freedom presents to me.”