Current Graduate Students

Sameera Abbas, PhD Student
Research Interests: Literature of Human Rights; Psychoanalysis 

Marta Aleksandrowicz, PhD Student 

Nicole Sweeney Allen, PhD Student
Research Interests: Disability Studies; Bioethics; Medical Humanities 

Rachit Anand, PhD Student
Research Interests: 20th century Novel; Allegory; Theory 

Yintong Bao, PhD Student
Research Interests: Phenomenology of Ethics; German Romanticism (especially reception of Greek Tragedy); Greek/Latin philology 

Hunter Capps, PhD Student 
Research Interests: Queer Theory; AIDS Literature; Critical Race Studies 

Bryan Counter, PhD Student
Research Interests: French Literature and Theory; German Philosophy; Aesthetics 

Josh Dawson, PhD Student
Research Interests: Literary Trauma Theory; Testimonial Literature; Indigenous Literatures 

Cheryl Emerson, PhD Student
Research Interests: Phenomenology; Feminist Poetics; Critical Race and Gender Theory 

Mairéad Farinacci, MA Student 
Research Interests: Francophone Literature; Post-Colonial Literature and Theory; Contemporary Literature 

Gudrun Bragadottir, PhD Student 

Fae Hajhosseini, PhD Student 

Matt Herzog, PhD Student
Research Interests: 20th British and Irish Writing; Modernism; Cultural Materialism; Composition and Writing Studies; Digital Humanities. 

Megan Hirner, PhD Student 

Kevin Kane, PhD Student
Research Interests: Near-death experiences; Mysticism, Ineffability 

Xuyang Li, Visiting Scholar

Chunying Meng, PhD Student

Jake Nabasny, PhD Student 

Aykun Ozgen, PhD Student

Jun Woong Park, PhD Student 

Ayesha Rasul, MA Student
Research Interests: History, Archiving Folk Stories 

Juan Robaina, PhD Student 

Mang Wang, PhD Student

Melissa Wright, PhD Student

Hsaio (Shelly) Yi, MA Student

Yitian Zhai, PhD Student
Research Interests: Political Theory; Feminist Philosophy; Comparative Studies of Ancient Greek and Chinese Thought 

Tian Zheng, MA Student