Experience by Doing

Ashley Cerone working to restore a ceramic artifact.

Through the Department of Anthropology, former College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador Ashley Cerone traveled the world participating in archaeological excavations and gaining hands-on laboratory experience.

“Throughout my undergraduate career, I have tried to gain as much experience as possible to further my knowledge in archaeology and boost my credentials,” Ashley says.

She managed to do this by engaging in international field schools and excavations. There, she learned how to excavate a trench, clean and bag artifacts, photograph special finds, flot and sort soil samples, enter data into databases, and restore ceramics. Through her constant interaction with students and scholars in the area, she was able to learn a foreign language and study her local heritage and history. Ashely also served as a lab assistant for UB’s Archaeological Survey, working under the direction of Professor Doug Perrelli. She believes that all of these projects prepared her for graduate school and taught her methods impossible to truly learn in the traditional classroom.