Meet the Ambassadors



Emma Harty.

Emma Harty

Major: Anthropology

Campus/Community Involvement: GIS Lab Supervisor and IEMA volunteer

Fun Fact: I have a degree in baking and pastry arts.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Always ASK for HELP. Talk to your peers, your TAs, your professors and your advisors. They are there to help you, and you never know what kind of opportunities could arise from making those connections.  


Gianna Damico.

Gianna Damico

Majors: Fine Arts (General Studio concentration) and Anthropology

Campus/Community Involvement: Presidential Scholar, Graphic Designer for Blackstone Launchpad Powered by Techstars, Graphic Designer for UB Marketing and Communications, Graphic Designer for Patient Pattern and Founder of Designs by Damico

Fun Fact: I was on the UB Track and Field Team for a year as a pole vaulter!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Do not be afraid to change paths! College is a time to explore your interests and find the most exciting combinations of what you like to do and who you want to be. If anything, this is the the fun part - the winding journey to an unknown destination!

Asian Studies

Melanie Isaac.

Melanie Isaac

Major: Asian Studies
Minor: Chinese

Campus/Community Involvement: Member of the ELI Chatroom and staff at Governors Dining Center

Fun Fact: I lived in Shanghai for three months in the summer of 2017 with a host family to start learning Chinese through an immersive experience. 

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Something that I never anticipated coming into my first year was having "too much" time on my hands, I expected to always be busy! Although, on the weekends after homework, I found myself lounging around and just staring at my phone or computer which made me feel totally cooped up and sick of the dorms in no time flat. So in order to avoid falling into an endless spiral of boredom, I'd advise looking around at the fun run bus schedules which can take students to many places including the Galleria Mall or the Boulevard Plaza. Even just simply searching online for activities to do or places to visit in Buffalo can help to make students feel like they have more to do other than just being stuck on campus. 

Biological Sciences

Antonina Bandriviska.

Antonina Bandrivska

Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Music Performance

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors College and choir member at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church

Fun Fact: I play the bandura, a Ukrainian music instrument.

What makes UB unique?
UB is unique because of its abundance of resources for academic success, supportive faculty, cozy libraries, and last but not least, its diverse student population.

Sarah Sinclair.

Sarah Sinclair

Major: Biological Sciences 

Campus/Community Involvement: Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

Fun Fact: I love cats and have three beautiful kitties at home: Juju, Mittsy and Nia.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Go out of your comfort zone and join clubs! It's never easy but it's the best way to get involved on campus and make a great group of friends that share your interests! The brief moment of discomfort paves the way for lifelong friendships. 

Sam Zheng.

Sam Zheng

Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Physics

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors College, undergraduate research, UB ACE Tennis Club and assistant tutor at Gloria J Community Center. 

Fun Fact: I once lost an extra-spicy beef jerky in a ball pit. I miss the jerky so much...

What do you like best about your department?
The biology department goes above and beyond to create multiple pathways that allow students to apply Biology in many fields/industries. Many faculty members welcome undergraduate students to participate in research or an independent project. 

Jake Zipp.

Jake Zipp

Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Pharmacology and Toxicology

Campus/Community Involvement: Teaching Assistant for BIO 201 and research

Fun Fact: I've been a golfer since I was 8 years old.

What do you like best about your department?
I like my department because all the faculty are kind, caring and helpful.


Stephen Carro.

Alexander Manly

Major: Chemistry
Minor: Mathematics

Campus/Community Involvement: Men's Club Lacrosse, undergraduate research for the Chemistry department and youth lacrosse coach

Fun Fact: I once threw the first pitch at a Buffalo Bisons baseball game.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Get involved in extracurriculars on campus!

Jennifer Seidman.

Jennifer Seidman

Majors: Chemistry and Public Health 
Minor: Global Gender Studies

Campus/Community Involvement: Researcher at Division of Behavioral Medicine, violinist in the UB Symphony Orchestra, Phi Alpha Delta, Honors College and Phi Beta Kappa

Fun Fact: I am a fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
It's ok to not have it all figured out yet! Approach your time at UB with an open mind and you will find that you can learn so much about yourself and the world from the people that you meet and the experiences you have. 


Christina Costella.

Christina Costella

Majors: Classics, German, and Anthropology

Campus/Community Involvement: Classics Club

Fun Fact: I have studied six languages and German is my first language.

What advice do you have for future UB students? 
My advice for new students is to really plan out your classes. Taking math and sciences classes early will be best if that is not your major. If you're thinking about taking astronomy, be aware that it's not just looking at constellations but rather a lot of math and calculations.

Jake Pawlush.

Jake Pawlush

Majors: Classical Languages and Literatures

Campus/Community Involvement: The Tesserae Project, Taekwondo Club and Judo Club

Fun Fact: I'm a polyglot.

What do you like best about your department?
Everyone in the Classics Department is incredibly nice, helpful, and amazing at their jobs. In addition, there is always an event that's scheduled where you can go, learn something new, and meet new or already known professors and peers.


Madison Neurohr.

Madison Neurohr

Major: Communication (focus on Nonverbal and Interpersonal Communication)

Campus/Community Involvement: Undergraduate Research Assistant to Department Chair Dr. Mark Frank and Undergraduate Teaching Assistant to Dr. McKenzie Vorphal 

Fun Fact: I plan on continuing schooling here at UB to get my PhD so that I can become a professor of communication!

What do you like best about your department?
What I like best about my department is that the professors and other staff go out of their way to help you in any way they can.  It truly is a great community within UB, especially because everyone in the department wants to see you succeed!

Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Mackenzie Allen.

Mackenzie Allen

Major: Speech and Hearing Science
Minor: Counseling

Campus/Community Involvement: National Society of  Leadership and Success, Student Association of Speech and Hearing (SASH), UB women's club soccer and student worker at the Alumni Arena Bulls team shop.

Fun Fact: My favorite foods to eat are fruits and vegetables.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Take risks and put yourself out there. Most of the opportunities I've had and events I have been a part of happened because I forced myself to step out of my comfort zone. Don't let the big campus scare you away; actually explore it and see what clubs and exciting events in the Student Union you would want to join!

Madeleine Friedman.

Madeleine Friedman

Major: Speech and Hearing Science
Minor: Counseling

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors Scholar and Student Association of Speech and Hearing (SASH)

Fun Fact: I have a three legged Pitbull named Penny!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Go to as many clubs' first meetings as you can and decide what you want to stay in based on what they do!

Stephanie Guardado.

Stephanie Guardado

Major: Speech and Hearing Science

Campus/Community Involvement: President of Student Association of Speech and Hearing (SASH), Alpha Phi Omega- National Service Fraternity, Welcome Weekend Leader, English Tutor volunteer at Journey’s End Refugee Center, volunteered at Walk4Hearing and Step up to Down Syndrome. 

Fun Fact: I love hot sauce! 

What advice do you have for future UB students?
UB is a very big school and can be very intimidating at first, don’t let it be! As a new student here take advantage of everything UB has to offer. Come to events on campus, meet new people, talk to your professors, go to their office hours, and join clubs! Being in a club or organization can help you create amazing memories and make new friends as well. 


Andrew Hoeing.

Andrew Hoenig

Major: Economics
Minor: Management

Campus/Community Involvement: Team treasurer for UB men's lacrosse and former Macroeconomic Theory Teaching Assistant

Fun Fact: I consider myself a fantasy football expert.

What do you like best about your department?
What I love the most about the Economics department is how diverse both the faculty and students are, which allows students to look at economics from a wide variety of different of different perspectives. 


Alexis Banaszak.

Alexis Banaszak

Major: English (Pre-Law track)

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors College

Fun Fact: I’ve done indoor skydiving! 

What do you like best about your department?
The English Department is a fantastic community that welcomes you before you begin classes! The department is amazing to explore what you truly want to do and accomplish in your life. It opens you to new ideas and to gain a better sense of humanity and the world. 

Anna Dresnack.

Anna Dresnack

Majors: English and Psychology
Minors/Certificates: Biological Sciences minor, Creative Writing certificate

Campus/Community Involvement: Ran two teen writing groups at the Audubon Public Library and volunteer at the Science Technology Enrichment Program

Fun Fact: I received a scholarship to go to England for a month last summer for free!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
UB is amazing because it's large size gives you many opportunities a smaller school wouldn't, such as an extraordinarily helpful fellowships and scholarships office, a wide array of study abroad programs, and many helpful free tutoring programs. Be ready and unafraid to take the bull by the horns and seize those many opportunities!

John Madsen.

John Madsen

Major: English

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors College, Name Magazine and The Spectrum.

Fun Fact: I’ve been snowboarding in five states. 

What do you like best about your department?
UB English is a highly experimental department that nurtures innovative and creative literary scholarship.

Ryan Stevers.

Ryan Stevers

Majors: English and History

Fun Fact: My favorite artist is Bob Dylan.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Don't get discouraged if you feel lonely or overwhelmed, it's completely natural and you should know that you can ask for help without feeling ashamed. 


Environment and Sustainability

Amber Ciesielski.

Amber Ciesielski

Major: Environmental Geosciences

Campus/Community Involvement: American Lung Association - Open Airways, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Riverwatch program

Fun Fact: I enjoy rock climbing!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Don't be intimidated by change! A path you take now may lead anywhere, there isn't really such thing as "doing a 180".

Seamus McGillion.

Seamus McGillion

Major: Environmental Geosciences

Campus/Community Involvement: Scribe of Pi Lambda Pi, active participant in UB South campus clean ups

Fun Fact: I am Canadian-born and lived there for 12 years but have been a Buffalo Bills fan since birth.

What do you like best about your department?
This department truly makes me feel like an individual and not a number at a university with 30,000 plus students. The professors, TAs and students within the department have created a second home for me, promoting only success and good fortune. I am proud to say I am part of something so worthwhile and inspiring. 

Milena Romano.

Milena Romano

Major: Environmental Geosciences

Campus/Community Involvement: Photography club, Italian Student Association

Fun Fact: I have a pet hedgehog!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Do not be afraid to try new things. This applies to even trying to new subjects or majors, because UB offers a wide variety of majors, minors, and concentrations. 


Alex Whetham.

Alexandra Tzanetos

Major: Environmental Geosciences

Campus/Community Involvement: Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE), undergraduate research in Dr. Lasker's reef lab

Fun Fact: I'm a lefty!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Get involved in activities going on around campus to meet as many new people as you can. The friends you make will be your friends for the rest of the time you’re here and probably for life!

Samantha Whatmough.

Samantha Whatmough

Major: Environmental Studies and History

Campus/Community Involvement: Campus Living Eco Rep, Outdoor Adventure Club, soup kitchen volunteer

Fun Fact: I’ve driven over 85,000 miles in three years in a 2002 Honda Accord.  

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Break your thoughts of rigidity towards your future. Coming to UB with completely mapped out expectations for your future is okay and may be your end goal, but the path will inevitably differ from the idealized expectations. Changing your major is okay. Admitting something is overwhelming and not what you expected is okay. UB offers you an opportunity to find who you truly are and to do so through infinite channels and vehicles. Embrace change, and understand that there is not a singular path in life. Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone; college is a time for personal transformation not transfixion.



Emel Abibula.

Emel Abibula

Major: International Trade
Minor: Urban Analysis

Campus/Community Involvement: UB women's tennis team, community service in high schools

Fun Fact: I speak 3 languages.

What do you like best about your department?
My professors are communicative and ready to help students improve.

Sean Colby.

Sean Colby

Major: Geographic Information Science (Earth Systems Science concentration)

Campus/Community Involvement: Volunteer Invasive Species Removal

Fun Fact: I am a musician at heart, actively performing shows throughout the year.

What do you like best about your department?
The Geography department provides so many courses to help explore many aspects of the field of geography. One can study anything ranging from conservation and animals to mapping and even earth science.



Isabelle Li.

Isabelle Li

Major: Geology

Campus/Community Involvement: Geology Club and Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Fun Fact: I do competitive kickboxing.

What do you like best about your department?
UB's Geology department is small enough where you eventually become one big family. You get to know everyone on a more personal level and have experiences you will never forget during your UB years and after.


Maya Prabhakar

Major: Geology

Campus/Community Involvement: CURCA/lab research and Honors College

Fun Fact: I've met Data from Star Trek

What do you like best about your department?
I love my department because of the female representation, how eager everyone is to help undergraduates start their career, and the emphasis on environment in geology. It's a solid group with a lot of interesting research going on. 


Global Gender and Sexuality Studies

Mosammet Asma.

Mosammet Asma

Majors: Global Gender and Sexuality Studies and Political Science

Campus/Community Involvement: Journey's End Refugee Services (JERS) Women's Group Intern and English Tutor, Muslim Student Association (MSA) Event Planner, Student Assembly Legislator and University at Buffalo IT (UBIT) Public Sites Consultant

Fun Fact: I hadn't been on a plane since I was six but in summer 2019 I organized a girls' trip to Europe and visited a total of 11 cities in the UK, France, Switzerland, and Italy!

What do you like best about your department?
The Global Gender and Sexuality Studies department is a hidden gem in the University at Buffalo. Our professors introduce us to issues we may have never come in contact with. The students contribute fresh perspectives and unique outlooks and our classes cover gaps found in all of academia. I am very grateful for stumbling upon this major during my time at UB as it keeps challenging me on important topics significant to today’s world, the past, and the future.  


Laura Duggan.

Laura Duggan

Majors: Global Gender and Sexuality Studies and Political Science

Campus/Community Involvement: Marching Band (Student Leader), Slee Hall Concert Manager, UBStudentExperience Page Content Creator and brother of Kappa Kappa Psi (Band Service Fraternity)

Fun Fact: I dye my hair constantly and have lived in 4 different states

What do you like best about your department?
The size of the Global Gender and Sexuality Studies department makes it so everyone has a chance to actually make a personal and lasting connection with their professors and graduate assistants.

Jeremy Pope.

Jeremy Pope

Majors: Global Gender and Sexuality Studies and English

Campus/Community Involvement: Babel, Just Buffalo Literary Center and works at Music City, a local music shop

Fun Fact: I play several instruments, including guitar, saxophone, piano and banjo

What do you like best about your department?
The community within the Global Gender Studies major, the professors and students, is full of amazingly open and willful people. Everyone is constantly involved in discussion, passionate about what they love and incredibly welcoming to new voices and experiences. It is so easy to find yourself comfortable and at home in the open arms of the department.


Mariah Agbonkpolo.

Mariah Agbonkpolo

Major: History

Campus/Community Involvement: Amnesty International, Circle K International, Advocates for Girls Education, Black Student Union and Sociology Club 

Fun Fact: I love writing stories and thinking up new story ideas.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Get involved in clubs and volunteering. The great thing about UB is the university is so large that everyone has the chance to find their niche. Everyone can find their place in UB or make their own mark. Don't give up trying to find your home on campus! 

Shuron Jackson.

Shuron Jackson

Major: History and Political Science
Minor: Education

Campus/Community Involvement: Career Peer Advisor, Student Ambassador for Athletics and Community Assistant 

Fun Fact: I've played the trombone for 10 years.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
The history department is full of exceptional faculty, and offers a myriad of courses that allow students to explore the depths of history in a more nuanced way. The faculty are personable and if you demonstrate the effort they're willing to mentor, assist, and guide you in your academic pursuits. Furthermore, as a member of the department there are resources available to study abroad, scholarship opportunities, and the opportunity to construct an honors thesis with a faculty advisor. Overall, the support available is phenomenal and the journey is a rewarding experience. 


Jewish Thought

Sofia Paulino.

Sofia Paulino

Major: Public Health
Minor: Judaic Studies

Campus/Community Involvement: Research Lab Assistant  

Fun Fact: I love traveling and trying new foods.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
My advice for new students would be to try as many clubs as they can. UB is full of wonderful opportunities that would pique almost anyone's interest. 



Cece Engelhardt.

Cece Engelhardt

Major: Applied Mathematics

Campus/Community Involvement: Math Club, LGBT Club, Tutor at The Math Place and Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Fun Fact: I have watched through Breaking Bad at least 14 times!

What do you like best about your department?  
The Math department has free coffee, snacks every day at 3:30, game nights, happy hours, picnics - it's the friendliest department on campus!


Nashmia Khan.

Nashmia Khan

Major: Mathematics (Actuarial Science concentration)
Minors: Statistics and Economics

Campus/Community Involvement: UB Women’s Club Volleyball Team, Society of Future Actuaries, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer volunteer, Pakistani Students Association and Muslim Students Association

Fun Fact: I played the violin for 8 years.

What do you like best about your department?  
What I like best about the Math department is the amount of different paths available for a student to follow especially at UB. There are various math classes that can get incorporated with anyone’s major or be used in pursuit of the mathematics minor to help in your journey to graduation. With multiple plans already set up for prospective students as well as for those already attending UB, it’s very easy to find a path that fits you.


Eric Weinman.

Eric Weinman

Majors: Mathematics - Economics, Political Science, and Computer Engineering

Campus/Community Involvement: Student Association Board of Directors Chairman/ (incoming) Assistant Treasurer, Computer Science and Engineering Teaching Assistant, Association of Computing Machinery Treasurer and SUNY SA Financial Manager

Fun Fact: I always love learning and working on interdisciplinary projects by bridging the gap between various fields.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Make sure you have a plan and know what you want to do and accomplish at UB to ensure the most success. However, it is also crucial that you try new things and branch out because you never know what opportunities exist. Lastly, get involved on campus either in your department or through clubs because there are so many great experiences.

Media Study

Rutuja Sawant.

Rutuja Sawant

Major: Media Study (Production contentration)
Minors: Theatre Performance and Global Film

Campus/Community Involvement: LGBTQ+ Diversity Advocate at the Intercultural and Diversity Centre, Videographer for UB Interdivisional Marketing and Communications, Production Assistant at UB Production Group, a Tour Guide at the Office of Admissions and a member of the Outdoor Adventure Club. 

Fun Fact: I like to make impromptu travel plans to random places. And you will find me biking on campus even when it's snowing. 

What advice do you have for future UB students?
University might seem intimidating at first. However this is your chance to be better, to grow and to learn not only the academics but also about yourself. Let your curiosity take you to anything you want to explore. It will only leave you knowing more. Trying new experiences made me discover my potential that was way more than I thought I had. 

Julie Stevens.

Julie Stevens

Major: Media Study (Production)
Minor: Theatre

Campus/Community Involvement: UB Football video assistant

Fun Fact: I hope to one day be fluent in Spanish and to travel Spanish speaking countries aiding communities with their basic necessities and other various needs.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Pick electives and other classes that might be outside of your comfort zone. My first few semesters, I was focused on the path I thought I wanted to take in video. Without going outside of my comfort zone, I would have never found out that wearable computing was something that I would want to later pursue. These are the classes where you can find new interests and inspiration that will guide your future endeavors. 


Julia Port.

Julia Port

Majors: Viola Performance and French

Campus/Community Involvement: UB Symphony Orchestra, UB Choir, UB Chamber Ensembles, Amherst Chamber Ensemble and Shift Supervisor at Starbucks

Fun Fact: I’ve dyed my hair every color.

What do you like most about your department?
The faculty to student ratio allows for you to get to know your professors and get guidance when needed. They also take time to get to know their students, you can tell they truly care. 


Benjamin Mannix.

Benjamin Mannix

Major: Physics
Minor: Mathematics

Campus/Community Involvement: Society of Physics Students, UB Students for the Exploration and Development of Space and Clement Hall RA

Fun Fact: One of my favorite hobbies is astrophotography (photographing the planets, stars, moons, etc).

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Start conversations with faculty in your department and students in your major. It's no surprise that some of the best advice I've received has come from people working in the same field as me. Plus, I find one of the best ways to bond with people is by struggling through the same course together.

Hannah Seppala.

Hannah Seppala

Majors: Physics and Mathematics

Campus/Community Involvement: Biophysics research, Physics Club and Society of Women in Mathematics

Fun Fact:

What do you like best about your department?
Both the math and physics departments are small, the students are friendly, the professors are accessible, and research opportunities are readily available. 

Political Science

Emily Crist.

Emily Crist

Majors: Political Science (concentration in comparative), French, and Psychology

Campus/Community Involvement: UB Choir (Alto II) and Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society

Fun Fact: I have been to 3 continents! 

What makes UB unique?
I think UB is unique in its ability to provide opportunities to be an active student rather than a passive one during the time spent as a member of the university community. Whether it's through research, teaching, extracurriculars, or any combination of those, UB students are well-equipped with resources that engage their talents and hobbies in addition to their coursework. 

Alexa Federice.

Alexa Federice

Majors: Political Science and Italian

Campus/Community Involvement: Model European Union (president), Italian Student Association (president), Orientation Team Leader 2018, Research Assistant and Mock Trial

Fun Fact: I love to travel!

What do you like best about your department?
My favorite thing about the Political Science Department is how invested every professor is in helping students succeed and find their own path within the major. Whether it be answering a question you have about class material, giving advice about your future career, or just sharing what they are researching and interested in, each professor takes their time to help and support students as they discover their own passions in political science.


Jeffrey Bellinger.

Jeffrey Bellinger

Major: Biomedical Science
Minor: Psychology

Campus/Community Involvement: Club soccer vice president, research assistant in Dr. Poulin's SCoPE lab and nurse assistant at Sisters of Charity Hospital

Fun Fact: I am a lefty!

What advice do you have for future UB students? 
Get involved! Do anything you can to build your resumé to sell yourself to future employers or graduate/professional schools.

Cassondra Lyman.

Cassondra Lyman

Major: Psychology
Minors: Statistics and Neuroscience

Campus/Community Involvement: Psi Chi president, Stats club president and ELI chat room volunteer

Fun Fact: I love Starkid musicals.

What makes UB unique?
I think what makes UB really unique is that it provides the resources and opportunities for every student to tailor their academic experience to their professional goals.

Stephanie Stewart-Hill.

Stephanie Ann Stewart-Hill

Major: Psychology
Minors: Spanish and Statistics

Campus/Community Involvement: Teaching assistant, Research Lab Supervisor under Dr. Mark Seery and a member of Psi Chi

Fun Fact: My hobbies include photography, painting, traveling, and hiking! 

What advice do you have for future UB students?
UB is incredible in that it has what seems to be endless opportunities. However, this can become a little overwhelming at times.  I would recommend that you jump on events or programs that interest you as soon as you learn about them. This will allow you to try the activity sooner rather than losing time debating if you should participate. A planner or calendar is priceless for keeping track of all your interests!

Amber Wedderburn

Major: Psychology

Campus/Community Involvement: Research assistant in Dr. Frasca's HABLAB, helping to promote healthy eating behavior among children, teaching assistant for PSY101, Psi Chi International Honor Society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars and UB Speaks. 

Fun Fact: I really enjoy watching psychological thriller films, as they really are brain teasers!

What do you like best about your department?
What I like best about my department is that the horizons are endless. There are so many dimensions to psychology and the professors here at UB, along with the courses will always keep you on your toes. You will literally fall in love with psychology over and over again. Well…at least I know I have. 

Romance Languages and Literatures

Kayla Horisk.

Kayla Horisk

Majors: French and International Studies

Campus/Community Involvement: Model European Union, Pi Delta Phi Société d’Honneur Français and National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Fun Fact: I’ve been to France and Belgium! 

What do you like best about your department?
The RLL department makes UB feel small. Everyone there treats you like family and wants you to succeed. I’ve been lucky enough to find professors there who push me and believe in me, as well as some amazing friends. RLL has also provided me with some incredible opportunities, including internships, honor societies, and other programs. I couldn’t be more grateful! 

Christina Loggia.

Christina Loggia

Major: Italian    
Minors: Linguistics and Education

Campus/Community Involvement: Creative director for UB's coed a cappella group, The Enchords. 

Fun Fact: I've been practicing yoga for 7+ years!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Do what you want to do regardless of what others say. Let your actions define your college career and not the actions or opinions of others. 

Julia Scott.

Julia Scott

Majors: Spanish Language and Literature and Speech Pathology

Campus/Community Involvement: Orientation Leader, Study Abroad - Oviedo, Spain and Royal Pitches all-female a cappella group member

Fun Fact: I have a skin condition that makes me unable to sweat and not have fingerprints.

What advice do you have for future UB students? 
Learn to use the tunnels in nice weather so when we get to that Buffalo winter, you can stay as warm as possible!

Social Sciences Interdisciplinary

Zoe Albertinie.

Zoe Albertinie

Major: Social Sciences Interdisciplinary (Early Childhood Education concentration)
Minor: Education

Campus/Community Involvement: Resident Advisor in Richmond Quadrangle and Pase 2019 Summer Teaching Fellow

Fun Fact: I am an insanely quick learner when it comes to anything hands-on.  

What advice do you have for future UB students?
A piece of advice I could give to students is to make sure you're in control of your education and destiny. Many students get caught up in living other people's dreams and forget what makes them truly happy. Once you figure out what makes you happy, stick with it and never let it go.

Tashana Aldeus.

Tashana Aldeus

Major: Health and Human Services (Social Gerontology concentration)
Minor: Public Health

Campus/Community Involvement: Caribbean Students Association Publicity Coordinator 

Fun Fact: I think Parks and Recreation is funnier than The Office. 

What advice do you have for future UB students?  
Join a club or attend club events! You may end up finding life-long friends and making great connections! 

Clara Cook.

Clara Cook

Majors: Cognitive Science and Computer Science
Minors: Spanish and Psychology

Campus/Community Involvement: Undergraduate Psychology Association, Hillel and Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

Fun Fact: I have worn the same shoe size since second grade.

What do you like best about your department?
The SSI department is truly a unique experience, it gave me the ability to tailor my UB experience to one that will let me pursue my ultimate career goals. When I realized that I missed math, the cognitive science program stepped up and figured out how I can include a more mathematical approach to what I am studying. Because cognitive science is such a uniquely multidisciplinary field, it forces you to explore beyond what you think you are interested in: for this very reason, I was able to find a new love for computer science. This program perfectly walks the line of indulging what a student loves learning and preparing one for the real world.


Joseph Buttino.

Joseph Buttino

Majors: Sociology (Applied Social Research BA/MA), Biomedical Sciences and SSI Urban & Public Policy

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors College, Sociology department research assistant and Evolutionary Biology lecture teaching assistant

Fun Fact: I volunteer each summer at a camp for kids with asthma (Camp Bronchopower).

What do you like best about your department?
The best thing about the Sociology department is the energy that every professor brings to lecture and research experiences; it’s very easy to find great research opportunities through the department, even for freshmen.

Marc Duqueney.

Marc Duqueney

Majors: Communication and Sociology

Campus/Community Involvement: Community Assistant and treasurer of Sociology Club

Fun Fact: I like to draw! 

What advice do you have for future UB students?
My advice to new students is to be open-minded. There is power in the answer yes! 

Theatre and Dance

Kelsey Jessup.

Kelsey Jessup

Major: Music Theatre

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors; actor, production crew and volunteer for UB Department of Theatre & Dance shows

Fun Fact: My birthday is New Year's Day!

What do you like best about your department? 
I can be a part of a close-knit community while still at a large university. Although a school this size may seem daunting, everyone is able to find their niche and their people with ease. I consider my peers and the faculty of UBTHD to be a family of mine because of our shared love for theatrical work, positive support system, and all the fun we have both on stage and outside of the Center For The Arts. 

Hannah Wolland.

Hannah Wolland

Major: Theatre (Design and Technology concentration)

Campus/Community Involvement: Stagehand, electrician and spotlight operator for the Center for the Arts

Fun Fact:  I’ve been knitting since I was 6 years old and have won statewide competitions for my work!

What do you like best about your department?
Everybody knows each other by name and I feel every assignment is tailored to each individual student and their abilities. All of the professors are incredibly brilliant and passionate about their work; they genuinely want to teach the next generation of professionals in our field.

Transnational Studies

Leah Barney.

Leah Barney

Majors: African American Studies and Sociology
Minor: Criminology

Campus/Community Involvement: College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office Student Assistant, Black Student Union (general body member) and Student Disability Advocacy Alliance (activities coordinator)

Fun Fact: My dream job involves helping people who have served time in the criminal justice system to re enter back into society. Everyone deserves a second chance!

What do you like best about your department?
What I like best about the Transnational Studies department is that no other department sheds light on history as my department does.We connect the past to the present, and discuss topics often left in the dark, breaking down barriers in the process. From the staff to the studies, I am becoming less ignorant, more knowledgeable and well rounded with each lecture,