Meet the Ambassadors



Ajla Avdic.

Ajla Avdic

Majors: Anthropology and International Studies

Campus/Community Involvement: Vice President of Finance for the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, Vice President of the Anthropology Student Association, Intern at the Community Action Organization, Grant Work Intern for Journey's End Refugee Services

Fun Fact:I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What advice do you have for future UB students?  
My advice would be to get involved on campus in any way possible. This university is huge, and it can feel quite intimidating at first. That's why it's extremely important to join Greek Life, clubs, or just about anything. You can find your best friends here, you just have to join something you're passionate about first!

Alexa Schenk.

Alexa Schenk

Major: Anthropology
Minor: Counseling and Public Health

Campus/Community Involvement: I worked in a research lab on South Campus studying the knowledge and opinions on an HIV prevention drug known as Truvada.

Fun Fact: I enjoy long distance running, and I've completed 1 full marathon and 3 half marathons. I am currently training to run two more half marathons in 2019!

What makes UB unique?
I think UB's diversity is what makes the overall experience of being a student here so unique. No matter what your interests are or what you want to accomplish there are always students, departments, faculty, and clubs to turn too. UB has opened so many doors for me to discover new interests and make connections to professionals in the fields I would like to work in someday. UB may seem like a bit intimidating at first due to its campus size and student population, but it is filled with so many different possibilities for you to succeed in.


Grace Celik.

Grace Celik

Major: Studio Art
Minor: Environmental Design

Campus/Community Involvement: Lake LaSalle Shore Restoration Project, 2018, Rumsey Competition and Exhibition, University at Buffalo, 2017,  Public Space, University at Buffalo, 2016, Coexistence: Humans and Nature, Albright Knox, 2015

Fun Fact: I am working as the Graphic Designer for UB Sustainability! 

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Explore outside your major, you might even find out that you are interested in an area you would have never expected! Expand your horizons, go outside of your comfort zone and keep an open mind! 

Sheryl Toure.

Sheryl Toure

Majors: Studio Art and Business Administration (Marketing) 

Campus/Community Involvement: Council for Inclusive Excellence

Fun Fact: I’ve always wanted to live in Antarctica for a month or two. 

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Try not to be intimidated by how huge UB is. Instead, take advantage of its size by trying out as many new activities as you possibly can. You'll eventually find something that you really REALLY enjoy. 

Asian Studies

Russell Guilbault.

Russell Guilbault

Majors: Asian Studies and Philosophy

Campus/Community Involvement: Various Philosophy reading groups, organizer for annual English conference, head of Asian Studies undergrad club

Fun Fact: I've been to Japan three times and am looking for the next chance to go back!

What do you like best about your department?
The high degree of faculty-student interaction and collaboration! The Asian Studies Program is super tight-knit and there are ample opportunities for mentorship and research.

Biological Sciences

Kirsten Dean.

Kirsten Dean

Major: Biological Sciences

Campus/Community Involvement: Undergraduate Researcher in the Gokcumen lab, Assistant Features Editor for The Spectrum newspaper, Biology Honors Program member, Student Assistant at UB's GEM Community of Excellence

Fun Fact: I collect old/foreign money!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Get involved in things that interest you early on and make you stand out from your peers. Not only are internships, research experiences, and leadership positions great opportunities to get involved on campus and meet new people, they are great resume boosters and can lead to even more opportunities in the future!

Manjoyt Sandhur.

Manjoyt Sandhur

Major: Biological Sciences and Business Administration

Campus/Community Involvement: Biology Honors Program, Research, Cell Biology Teaching Assistant, Association of Pre-Medical Students, Roswell Park Research Assistant

Fun Fact: I can speak four languages and understand five!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
It's easier said than done, but try not to become too stressed out about school work! It will help be more productive and easier to learn from mistakes. Also, try to step out of your comfort zone and make some good friends. They will be the ones who encourage you to be your best self!

Lynn Sidor.

Lynn Sidor

Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Public Health

Campus/Community Involvement: UB Against Cancer - President, Honors College - Peer Mentor, BIO200: Evolutionary Biology Teaching Assistant, and a Researcher in Dr. Rusche’s Lab in the Biological Sciences Department

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with just about everything art related, especially acrylic pouring!

What makes UB unique?
For how large UB is, after you get used to the campus and meet "your people," it feels small!


Stephen Carro.

Stephen Carro

Majors: Chemistry, Medical Chemistry, and Biochemistry

Campus/Community Involvement: SAACS president, undergraduate researcher in Dr. Troy D. Wood's and Dr. Sherry R. Chemler's labs, Honors College

Fun Fact: I have a fraternal twin. 

What do you like best about your department?
My favorite aspect of the Chemistry department is the availability of resources and opportunities for undergraduates. There are numerous highly-renowned faculty present who are very approachable and willing to offer their time (whether to discuss a research position/project or just a chemical concept). 

Anxhela Nezha.

Anxhela Nezha

Majors: Medicinal Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors Student Council Secretary, Alpha Epsilon Delta Secretary, Association of Pre-Medical Students Volunteer Director, member of Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society 

Fun Fact: I speak Albanian, French and English. 

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Plan ahead! Whether that means planning your meals for the week, your outfits, or setting up a study schedule, preparing for the week ahead is crucial to reducing the amount of stress you experience. Make sure to take a breather every once in a while and always do your work now so you don’t have to worry about it later.


Christina Costella.

Christina Costella

Majors: Classics and German

Campus/Community Involvement: Classics Club

Fun Fact: I have studied six languages and German is my first language.

What advice do you have for future UB students? 
My advice for new students is to really plan out your classes. Taking math and sciences classes early will be best if that is not your major. If you're thinking about taking astronomy, be aware that it's not just looking at constellations but rather a lot of math and calculations.


Jared Kibler.

Jared Kibler

Major: Communication

Campus/Community Involvement: Orientation Leader, Orientation Team Leader, and Orientation, Transition, and Parent Programs Student Assistant

Fun Fact: I am the tallest member of my family AND the only one with 20/20 vision.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Get involved with SOMETHING on campus. You'll make friends in classes, but the real connections and networking opportunities come from doing something you enjoy alongside people with similar interests and passions. So jump in!

Danielle Colagio.

Danielle Colagio

Major: Communication

Campus/Community Involvement: Global Ambassador, Zeta Tau Alpha Alumna and a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator 

Fun Fact: I have a passion for exploring the world and singing karaoke! 

What advice do you have for future UB students?  
College is a great place to explore your interests! If you have ever been curious about a sport or a hobby, now is the time to try it out. At UB there are so many people that at first you may worry about getting lost, but I can promise that in the waves of blue opportunity of friendship and success is just around the corner!

Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Madeleine Friedman.

Madeleine Friedman

Major: Speech and Hearing Science
Minor: Counseling

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors Scholar, Student Association of Speech and Hearing (SASH)

Fun Fact: I have a three legged Pitbull named Penny!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Go to as many clubs' first meetings as you can and decide what you want to stay in based on what they do!

Jackie Sydoriak.

Jackie Sydoriak

Major: Speech and Hearing Science

Campus/Community Involvement: Vice President (2017-18) and President (2018-19) Student Association of Speech and Hearing (SASH), English Tutor at Journey's End Refugee Center, volunteering at the Buffalo Walk4Hearing along with other local charity walks

Fun Fact: My favorite things to do in my free time are baking and taking walks with my dog, Loganberry.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Get involved! If you like to do or learn a certain thing, find a club or a group of people to do it with. I have created so many wonderful memories and  friends by become involved in clubs, volunteering, and internships, all while learning new things and being involved with the Buffalo community.  


Nicholas Bush.

Nicholas Bush

Majors: Economics and Political Science

Campus/Community Involvement: Model European Union

Fun Fact: I can draw a perfect circle, free hand.

What advice do you have for future UB students?  
My time here at UB has exposed me to a lot of new experiences, perspectives, and opportunities. I think the best thing any freshman uncertain about their future could do is commit to their passion and find the best outlet for it. You'll work exponentially harder because you know you're doing it for yourself, and you'll be way happier doing it.

Shaina Mompoint.

Shaina Mompoint

Major: Economics and Mathematics

Campus/Community Involvement: Academic Assistant, Daniel Acker Scholar

Fun Fact: I love anime!

What advice do you have for future UB students?  
Once you get your classes, create a study schedule.

Sean Morrissey.

Sean Morrissey

Major: Economics

Campus/Community Involvement: “Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice” rally 

Fun Fact: I am a huge Star Wars fan! 

What advice do you have for future UB students?  
I encourage future students to both listen for and be willing to share advice, as well. Two important, and often unspoken, elements to advice are time and place. In other words, it’s important to know when to listen, when to speak, and when to simply do neither.  In addition, to incoming and current students frankly, it’s vital to embrace the failures and tribulations one will experience throughout their school and social life.  No, I don’t mean one should procrastinate their work or dismiss studying and chalk up subsequent failure as a necessary learning experience. However, when hard-work and effort still manages to produce failure or displeasing outcomes, its important to apply it as a form of motivation to improve and “get back on the horse” one might say. One of my favorite entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk, preaches this lesson to his followers and it stuck with me. Hitherto, I thought it was best to fear or avoid failure, but now I view it as a necessary step toward success. For instance, imagine it’s one’s first college exam and they fail to satisfy their expectations. Unfortunately, some will conclude they are incompetent or unfit for college. Instead, I urge new students to see it as indicator of an opportunity to adapt, progress, and change prior habits. In this instance, I provided an example of embracing failure in schooling. However, this notion is relevant in all areas of life.

Additionally, my most heartfelt advice to students is that if at any point during your time spent at UB you begin to feel like your work, personal life, or emotions seem to be too much, reach out. Don’t be afraid to call your parents and tell them. Don’t be afraid to ask a professor for advice, just be sure to do so in a respectful manner.  For what it’s worth, don’t hesitate to confront and confide in me. College is not intended to be easy, and no one is alone in the struggles it can induce. I ensure, whether it’s in your academics or personal life, something completely unexpected will occur. The best way to prepare for such unanticipated events is to develop and maintain a robust support system.  It is truly vital to an attempt to succeed and make a difference in college and life, in general.


Anna Dresnack.

Anna Dresnack

Majors: English and Psychology
Minors/Certificates: Biological Sciences minor, Creative Writing certificate

Campus/Community Involvement: Ran two teen writing groups at the Audubon Public Library, volunteered at the Science Technology Enrichment Program

Fun Fact: I received a scholarship to go to England for a month this summer for free!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
UB is amazing because it's large size gives you many opportunities a smaller school wouldn't, such as an extraordinarily helpful fellowships and scholarships office, a wide array of study abroad programs, and many helpful free tutoring programs. Be ready and unafraid to take the bull by the horns and seize those many opportunities!

Shaun Nowicki.

Shaun Nowicki

Major: English

Campus/Community Involvement: Undergraduate English Club president, Honors College, NAME Magazine, English freshman seminar TA

Fun Fact: I am a huge fan of board games and tabletop gaming.  

What do you like best about your department?
One of my favorite things about the English Department is the variety of classes that are offered every semester.

Brenna Zanghi.

Brenna Zanghi

Major: English 
Minor: Classics (Ancient History concentration)

Campus/Community Involvement: NAME magazine editor, Global Ambassador, Honors College

Fun Fact: I was named after a storybook character (but my mom forgot the title of the book).

What do you like best about your department?
What I love about UB English is how many opportunities it provides as a small department in such a big university. As a department, UB English is as close-knit as it is wildly diverse; the professors and students all come from different backgrounds and all provide unique perspectives. 


Zeping He.

Zeping (Carl) He

Major: Geographic Information Science   
Minor: Computer Science

Campus/Community Involvement: Volunteer for Geo-technology Experience for students and teachers camp; Student Assistant  

Fun Fact: My favorite TV show is Top Gear UK, I often binge-watch the entire show! 

What do you like best about your department?
In the Geography department, you can choose which area interests you, such as nature geography to human geography, economic geography and GIS. Diverse classes give us hands-on experiences learning about geography, such as working in the field or processing satellite imaging. Also, close connections between students and professors offer so many resources about academic research and internship opportunities.    


Birch Crocker.

Birch Crocker

Major: Geology

Campus/Community Involvement: Undergraduate Research; Vice President of Undergraduate Geology Club

Fun Fact: I like to watch documentaries about conspiracy theories.

What do you like best about your department?
UB's Geology department brings together people with many different backgrounds, such as physicists, chemists, ecologists, and geologists, who all work together to study the earth and its systems. In my experience, geology is less about the study of a specific science, and more about further developing and utilizing other branches of STEM to study the earth, which tends to bring together many diverse teams of researchers. Another great thing about our department is that it is very easy to get involved with research as an undergraduate student.

Global Gender and Sexuality Studies

Jeremy Pope.

Jeremy Pope

Majors: Global Gender and Sexuality Studies and English

Campus/Community Involvement: Babel and Just Buffalo Literary Center, works at Music City, a local music shop

Fun Fact: I play several instruments, including guitar, saxophone, piano and banjo

What do you like best about your department?
The community within the Global Gender Studies major, the professors and students, is full of amazingly open and willful people. Everyone is constantly involved in discussion, passionate about what they love and incredibly welcoming to new voices and experiences. It is so easy to find yourself comfortable and at home in the open arms of the department.


Christiana Johnson.

Christiana Johnson

Majors: History and Political Science

Campus/Community Involvement: Student Committee Chairwoman for the Inclusive Excellence Council, Model EU member, Advanced Honors Scholar, assistant for the Office of Government and Community Relations at UB, study abroad

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Israel for a semester.

What do you like best about your department?
In both the Political Science department and the History department, faculty and staff are willing to go above and beyond to make sure their students succeed. I feel comfortable in approaching any faculty or staff member to ask for any kind of advice or assistance. 

Shane Zhang.

Xuanyi (Shane) Zhang

Major: History
Minor: Sociology

Campus/Community Involvement: PHA Event Sitting Committee Member and Student Assistant in CAS Advising

Fun Fact: I switched between four majors in one year.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
As long as you have the curiosity and courage to seek out all the charms, UB is your place. Always try to approach your professors and go to their office hours. Soon you will realize how much knowledge you gain just from talking to them!

Jewish Thought

Stephen Lamarco

Major: Jewish Studies        

Campus/Community Involvement: Math teacher and practical arts instructor at Aurora Waldorf School 

Fun Fact: I am quite obsessed with cave exploration, and make a point of seeking out caves, caverns and abandoned mines whenever I visit a new place.

What do you like best about your department?
I love the warmth and openness of the faculty. Professors in the department aren't just educators; they quickly become friends and mentors as well.


Jenny Simon.

Jenny Simon

Majors: Linguistics and English
Minors: Chinese and Education

Campus/Community Involvement: Teaching assistant, English Honors, Advanced Honors College, writing consultant

Fun Fact: I love shopping and fashion!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
College is what you make it--you get out what you put in. You could go to Harvard but it won't mean a thing if you don't go to class, participate in class, and engage with what the school has to offer. Likewise, you could go to a community college and get a ton out of it by taking advantage of the opportunities that school has. UB has numerous opportunities that span across many different fields, so there is surely something for you no matter how much or how little you plan on doing. College is all about taking your education into your own hands and deciding what direction it will lead you in, so make sure to find opportunities while you still have time. 


Hannah Braunscheidel.

Hannah Braunscheidel

Major: Mathematics - Actuarial Science concentration
Minors: Statistics and Economics

Campus/Community Involvement: Society of Future Actuaries, Global Ambassador, Mathematics Student Assistant, Honors College

Fun Fact: I spent a semester abroad in Cardiff, Wales.  

What do you like best about your department?
The Math department at UB is not very big compared to some other departments on campus, but it has its own building which feels like a little bubble inside a big campus.  The department faculty are very nice and always willing to help students find tutoring or ways to get extra help.  Every professor I’ve had has loved students coming to office hours, and always made themselves available to help students outside of class.

Destiny Diaz.

Destiny Diaz

Major: Mathematics
Minors: Spanish

Campus/Community Involvement: Leadership House, LSAMP Program, research apprentice at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, volunteer at a Buffalo Public School, Honors College Student

Fun Fact: I had the pleasure of going to the Dominican Republic for spring break to help teach students English. 

What do you like best about your department?  
The Math department is a small community filled with friendly faces. It is not hard to see a familiar face in class and if not, its even easier to make a new friend. 

Jingye Tan.

Jingye (Kira) Tan

Majors: Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering

Campus/Community Involvement: Teaching assistant, Engineering student leader, academic researcher, Honors College, athletic tutor

Fun Fact: I have watched over 1,000 films!

What do you like best about your department?  
The bachelor of art program in our math department gives you perfect freedom to pick the right courses to broaden and deepen your skillset.  As an engineering student, I have the chance to learn how to use many theories and formula but never been answer the question of what they are or why they work; with my secondary major in math, many of the doubts unanswered from my engineering courses were well explained and cleared, this is a great complement for my path to academia.

Media Study

Julie Stevens.

Julie Stevens

Major: Media Study (Production)
Minor: Theatre

Fun Fact: I hope to one day be fluent in Spanish and to travel Spanish speaking countries aiding communities with their basic necessities and other various needs.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Pick electives and other classes that might be outside of your comfort zone. My first few semesters, I was focused on the path I thought I wanted to take in video. Without going outside of my comfort zone, I would have never found out that wearable computing was something that I would want to later pursue. These are the classes where you can find new interests and inspiration that will guide your future endeavors. 


Julia Cordani.

Julia Cordani

Majors: Music Performance and Linguistics

Campus/Community Involvement: Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus and Sotto Voce Vocal Collective, Buffalo String Works (music education nonproft),  Cora P. Maloney College tutor

Fun Fact: During the summer between my freshman and sophomore year I studied choral music abroad in France - and didn't know a word of French! It was a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

What advice do you have for future UB students?
If I could give any advice to new students, it would be to go outside your comfort zone and find new things that interest you! Never be afraid to try clubs, take cool classes, or explore campus. UB has too may exciting opportunities to pass up.

Jared Destro

Major: Music, concentration in Theory, Harmony, and Composition

Campus/Community Involvement: Buffalo Chromatic Club -  I improvise at the piano in performances throughout Buffalo at a variety of venues, including churches, retirement homes, and recital halls.

Fun Fact: I am a modern composer and a poet from Buffalo that loves his birthplace and home (Buffalo), and I love to travel to promote classical music and literature.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
If I could give one bit of advice, I would say to travel on a study abroad program, if you are felicitous enough to dedicate the funds. This might sound like a strange thing to point to, but travelling truly expands your opportunities in life, it brings you closer to the different cultures that we will all encounter at some point (especially right here in our beautifully diverse city), and it can bring to you a greater sense of appreciation for what you have back home. To me, being in Prague as I write this, I feel as though I have learned so much, and that I have come to love my time at the University at Buffalo. It is a new learning experience, as is going to a new college, and to embrace the world and her peoples with open arms is my advice to you.

Elizabeth Vennari.

Elizabeth Vennari

Majors: Music Performance and Economics

Campus/Community Involvement: Church choir director, adjunct faculty at Buffalo Suzuki Strings, Student-Athlete tutor

Fun Fact:  I am an excellent ballroom dancer.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Invest your money early on and pay your credit card bills on time!


Gianna Florentino.

Gianna Florentino

Major: Philosophy
Minor: Political Science

Campus/Community Involvement: Philosophy Club President and Student Justice

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Amsterdam during my Junior year. 

What do you like best about your department?
What I like most about the Philosophy Department is the dedicated faculty and curious students who share an unwavering commitment to knowledge, logic, and the human experience. 


Benjamin Mannix.

Benjamin Mannix

Major: Physics
Minor: Mathematics

Campus/Community Involvement: Society of Physics Students, UB Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, Clement Hall RA

Fun Fact: One of my favorite hobbies is astrophotography (photographing the planets, stars, moons, etc).

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Start conversations with faculty in your department and students in your major. It's no surprise that some of the best advice I've received has come from people working in the same field as me. Plus, I find one of the best ways to bond with people is by struggling through the same course together.

Julia Quebral.

Julia Quebral

Major: Physics
Minor: Mathematics 

Campus/Community Involvement: Secretary for the Society of Physics Students

Fun Fact: I played violin for 18 years.

What do you like best about your department?
The best part about the physics department is the close-knit community. Most of the students know each other, and many professors try to know the students as well. Every Friday we have mentoring hour for the professors, grad students, and undergrad students to socialize and get to know each other.

Political Science

Alexa Federice.

Alexa Federice

Majors: Political Science and Italian

Campus/Community Involvement: Model European Union (president), Italian Student Association (president), Orientation Team Leader 2018, Research Assistant, Mock Trial

Fun Fact: I love to travel!

What do you like best about your department?
My favorite thing about the Political Science Department is how invested every professor is in helping students succeed and find their own path within the major. Whether it be answering a question you have about class material, giving advice about your future career, or just sharing what they are researching and interested in, each professor takes their time to help and support students as they discover their own passions in political science.

Gunnar Haberl.

Gunnar Haberl

Majors: Political Science and Legal Studies
Minor: Education Leadership and Policy for Equity

Campus/Community Involvement: Undergraduate Student Association President, Iroquois Central School District Board of Education Member, Alternative Break Trip Leader 

Fun Fact: I won the 2017-2018 Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress Presidential Fellowship.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Taking risks in life can lead to great rewards, and the process of simply breaking out of one’s comfort zone can lead to immense personal growth in your educational studies. 

Yoseph Hamid.

Yoseph Hamid

Major: Political Science

Campus/Community Involvement: President of the pre-law chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International, Co-founder and former Secretary of the Society for Politics and International Affairs

Fun Fact: I was a delegate to American Legion Boys’ State New York, which inspired me to choose political science as my major.

What do you like best about your department?
For those interested in American politics, public law, comparative politics, or international affairs, the political science department at UB offers a wide variety of substantive courses taught by distinguished professors! I encourage anyone pursuing this field of study to take advantage of research opportunities, internships, and extracurricular activities to ensure an enriching undergraduate experience.

Emma Murphy.

Emma Murphy

Major: Political Science

Campus/Community Involvement: Mock Trial, Honors College, Pi Sigma Alpha, Intern for Congressman Chris Collins

Fun Fact: I've been to Seoul, South Korea!

What do you like best about your department?
Political Science gives you a lot of flexibility to design a course of study that you feel will be most interesting and most beneficial for you.


Jeffrey Bellinger

Major: Biomedical Science
Minor: Psychology

Campus/Community Involvement: Club soccer vice president, research assistant in Dr. Poulin's SCoPE lab, nurse assistant at Sisters of Charity Hospital

Fun Fact: I am a lefty!

What advice do you have for future UB students? 
Get involved! Do anything you can to build your resumé to sell yourself to future employers or graduate/professional schools.

Allison Koenig.

Allison Koenig

Majors: Psychology and Sociology
Minor: Counseling

Campus/Community Involvement: Campus Liaison for Psi Chi, TA for Dr. Wendy Quinton, and research lab assistant for Dr. Ostrov

Fun Fact: I love watching baking shows on the Food Network

What advice do you have for future UB students?
Get to know your professors as soon as you can! Whether it be engaging in class discussion or going to office hours, it is important that your professors know you. This way, it can help when you need a recommendation letter or perhaps general advice for graduate school. Don't wait until the end of semester - get to know them right away!

Thomas Nordstrom.

Thomas Nordstrom

Major: Psychology
Minors: Studio Art and Counseling

Campus/Community Involvement: TRIO Programs, Undergraduate Psychology Association, Improv. Club, and Sci-fi & Fantasy Club

Fun Fact: I have 4 siblings, all of them are sisters. 

What advice do you have for future UB students? 
Always find out what each office on campus does. If you pass an office and don't know what it does, you should go in and ask because you never know how they can help you. 

Stephanie Stewart-Hill.

Stephanie Ann Stewart-Hill

Major: Psychology
Minors: Spanish and Statistics

Campus/Community Involvement: Leadership House Mentor, Vice President of UB Photo Club, TA for the Honors College, Research Assistant for Dr Gail Mauner, and member of the Experiential Learning Network

Fun Fact: I can crochet a hat, WITH a pom-pom, in less than 4 hours.

What advice do you have for future UB students?
UB is incredible in that it has what seems to be endless opportunities. However, this can become a little overwhelming at times.  I would recommend that you jump on events or programs that interest you as soon as you learn about them. This will allow you to try the activity sooner rather than losing time debating if you should participate. A planner or calendar is priceless for keeping track of all your interests!

Romance Languages and Literatures

Kayla Horisk.

Kayla Horisk

Majors: French and International Studies

Campus/Community Involvement: Model European Union, Pi Delta Phi Société d’Honneur Français, National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Fun Fact: I’ve been to France and Belgium! 

What do you like best about your department?
The RLL department makes UB feel small. Everyone there treats you like family and wants you to succeed. I’ve been lucky enough to find professors there who push me and believe in me, as well as some amazing friends. RLL has also provided me with some incredible opportunities, including internships, honor societies, and other programs. I couldn’t be more grateful! 

Xzavier Medina.

Xzavier Medina

Majors: Spanish and International Studies

Campus/Community Involvement: Resident Advisor & Intern at the International Institute of Buffalo

Fun Fact: I’ve lived through 4 earthquakes and a volcanic eruption.

What do you like best about your department?
The RLL department makes UB feel small. Everyone there treats you like family and wants you to succeed. I’ve been lucky enough to find professors there who push me and believe in me, as well as some amazing friends. RLL has also provided me with some incredible opportunities, including internships, honor societies, and other programs. I couldn’t be more grateful! 

Julia Scott.

Julia Scott

Majors: Spanish Language and Literature and Speech Pathology

Campus/Community Involvement: Orientation Leader, Study Abroad - Oviedo, Spain, Royal Pitches all-female a cappella group member

Fun Fact: I have a skin condition that makes me unable to sweat and not have fingerprints.

What advice do you have for future UB students? 
Learn to use the tunnels in nice weather so when we get to that Buffalo winter, you can stay as warm as possible!

Social Sciences Interdisciplinary

Madeline Elminowski.

Madeline Elminowski

Major: International Studies
Minors: Spanish and international Trade 

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors College, Model EU, Undergraduate Admissions student assistant

Fun Fact: I love sledding!

What advice do you have for future UB students?
My advice for new students is to take advantage of all the opportunities the university has to offer.

Matthiana Volmy.

Matthania Volmy

Majors: Health and Human Services (Community Mental Health concentration) and Sociology

Campus/Community Involvement: Tau Sigma National Honor Society president, REALM program participant, Walk to End Alzheimer's volunteer, Lockport Presbyterian Home volunteer, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer volunteer

Fun Fact: I was “Miss New York 2017”

What advice do you have for future UB students?  
Always strive for success! When you have this positive mindset, you create a path of numerous opportunities that come knocking at your door. Also, set a goal that you would like to accomplish at the beginning of the semester, and work towards achieving it by remembering that with hard work and determination, anything is possible!


Joseph Buttino.

Joseph Buttino

Majors: Sociology (Applied Social Research BA/MA), Biomedical Sciences, and SSI Urban & Public Policy

Campus/Community Involvement: Honors College, Sociology department research assistant, Evolutionary Biology lecture teaching assistant

Fun Fact: I volunteer each summer at a camp for kids with asthma (Camp Bronchopower).

What do you like best about your department?
The best thing about the Sociology department is the energy that every professor brings to lecture and research experiences; it’s very easy to find great research opportunities through the department, even for freshmen.

Theatre and Dance

Amanda Klimek.

Amanda Klimek

Major: Dance
Minor: Education

Campus/Community Involvement: National Dance Education Organization - National Honor Society for the Dance Arts (President), Dancer’s Workshop, Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis, Dancing DNA, Modern 1)

Fun Fact: I try to make up for all the time I spend in the basement dance studios of the Center for the Arts. I love hiking, bike riding, skiing, kayaking, and riding roller coasters all around WNY and beyond!

What do you like best about your department?
What I like best about my department is how small it is! A lot of people worry about how big UB is, and think that they won’t be able to make friends or get to know their professors. My department has shown me that all of these things are possible (and it’s possible through many other classes and activities on campus, too!).

Hannah Wolland.

Hannah Wolland

Major: Theatre, Design and Technology concentration

Campus/Community Involvement: Resident Advisor in Greiner Hall; stagehand, electrician, and spotlight operator for the Center for the Arts

Fun Fact:  I’ve been knitting since I was 6 years old and have won statewide competitions for my work!

What do you like best about your department?
Everybody knows each other by name and I feel every assignment is tailored to each individual student and their abilities. All of the professors are incredibly brilliant and passionate about their work; they genuinely want to teach the next generation of professionals in our field.