Internship Courses

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African American Studies Community Internship: Students are assigned to a research project with a community-based organization, agency, or center.  Students study the agency and observe the dynamics of community activities in order to see how the role of the African American community executes decision making in government and social agencies and in the development of their cultural and economic activities.
Contact: Barbara Wejnert,

Art History Museum Internship: Museum and gallery internships are available at such institutions as the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the CFA Art Gallery, the University Art Gallery, the Amherst Museum, and the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University. Students are encouraged to take AHI 480 (Museum Studies) before applying for an internship.
Contact: Reinhard Reitzenstein,

American Studies Internship: Hands-on experience in the field.
Contact: Barbara Wejnert,

Anthropology Internship: Students wishing to complete an internship with a host agency may register for this course with the agreement of the agency supervisor and the faculty advisor.
Contact: Peter Biehl,

Arts Management Internship: Students are assigned to art galleries or other institutions within the university or the community to get hands-on experience as interns.

Communication Design Internship: An arranged experience within an agency and the printing industry familiarizes students with actual working conditions and considerations; students observe and participate in design for publication, mechanicals, and other facets of graphic arts production.

Photography Internship: Internship at an art gallery or with a commercial, portrait, or architectural photographic firm; provides professional experience and familiarizes students with working conditions and expectations in their field. 

Print Media Internship: Provides professional experience and familiarizes students with practices and expectations in the field. An internship may be arranged with a commercial or not-for-profit print studio or gallery.

Contact: Reinhard Reitzenstein,

Asian Studies Internship: Hands-on experience in the field.
Contact: Eunhee Lee,

Chinese Internship: Hands-on experience in language and cultural studies at institutions and organizations in Western New York and/or nationwide.
Contact: Mitsuaki Shimojo,

Communicative Disorders and Sciences Internship: This internship program provides field experience at the undergraduate level for potential future clinicians of speech and language pathology and possible school professionals. The intern attends at the host site under the supervision of the assigned mentor. A broad exposure to the variety of professions collaborating at the host site, and what they do is achieved. Success in fulfilling the attendance hours, supervisor's grading, and a written report submitted at the end of the semester by the intern, all contribute to the final grade. 112 hours of attendance is needed to get the three credits, and a letter grade is assigned at the end of the semester.
Contact: Ahmed Nagy,

Internship in Communication: This internship is generally conducted in Buffalo-area organizations, such as public relations firms, the local media, businesses and industries, and government agencies.
Contact: Vivian Williams,

Dance Teaching Internship: Gives qualified students experience as teaching assistants or teaching interns.
Contact: Melanie Aceto,

Media Arts Internship: Media Study majors have the opportunity to gain variable academic credit for internships in local and national media production companies, television stations, cable companies, and media access centers.  Guidelines are set by an internship supervisor in collaboration with a faculty sponsor to provide hands-on practical experience in an on-the-job training program.
Contact: Elaine Schwartz,

Internship in Economics: Students arrange an internship in the private or public sector related to economics.  Prerequisite coursework includes ECO 405 and 407.
Contact: Zhiqiang Liu,

Writing Internship: Varying according to the supervisor involved, these three-credit courses allow undergraduates to do sustained work as interns. Students have in the past used this course opportunity to obtain internships at local newspapers such as The Buffalo News and Art Voice, to work at regional and national magazines such as Long Island Pulse and Maxim, and to pursue research programs at institutions such the Schwan Law Firm and Compeer Greater Buffalo.
Contact: Steven Miller,

French Internship: Hands-on experience in language and cultural studies at institutions and community organizations in the Western New York area.
Contact: Maureen Jameson,

Geographic Internship: Involves a work opportunity in a local governmental agency or firm.
Contact: Le Wang,

German Internship: Hands-on experience in language and cultural studies at institutions and organizations in Western New York and/or nationwide.
Contact: David Fertig,

Women's Studies Internship: Provides an opportunity for majors to put into practice feminist theories and concepts developed in their coursework.  Internships are available, for example, at Planned Parenthood, Erie County Commission of the Status of Women, Everywoman Opportunity Center Inc., or in an area of the student's major concentration and interest.
Contact: Barbara Wejnert,

Geological Sciences Internship:  Allows students to experience geologic challenges, first-hand, in an industry, teaching or research setting. Students in the program will tackle geological issues in a real-life context, giving them a chance to apply knowledge that was gained in a more formalized, classroom setting.
Contact: Jason Briner,

Public History Internship: Students learn to connect their historical studies with the world outside the academy by doing an internship at a historical site or museum. Students must arrange the internship themselves. The internship site must have a strong connection to history; some local examples include the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, the Amherst Museum, Old Fort Niagara, and the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural site.
Contact: Carole Emberton,

Japanese Internship: Hands-on experience in language and cultural studies at institutions and organizations in Western New York and/or nationwide.
Contact: Mitsuaki Shimojo,

Korean Internship: Hands-on experience in language and cultural studies at institutions and organizations in Western New York and/or nationwide.
Contact: Eunhee Lee,

Linguistics Internship: Language teaching experience either in a UB department (Linguistics, a language department, English Language Institute, etc.), in the Buffalo public schools, or at a public service agency (International Institute of Buffalo, Herman Badillo Institute, Literacy Volunteers, etc.). Open to majors and non-majors.
Contact: David Fertig,

Internship in Mathematics: Students get field experience in mathematical employment, in business, industry or education, working under the joint supervision of an off-campus supervisor and a university faculty member.
Contact: Bernard Badzioch,

Internship in Music Theatre: An internship position with a professional company or educational institution. Focuses on actual "field" experience to enhance the student's preparation for a professional career in musical theatre.
Contact: Stephanie Vander Wel,

Buffalo String Works Internship: The mission of Buffalo String Works is to provide high-quality music instruction on stringed and percussion instruments to children of low-income, refugee and immigrant parents. Undergraduate music students may intern with Buffalo String Works for one or more semesters, earning two credits per semester.

Music Theory Tutoring: Advanced undergraduate theory students may earn internship credit (two credits per semester) by tutoring other undergraduate music students. This is an excellent opportunity to develop teaching, critical thinking and leadership skills, as well as build theory knowledge in a practical setting. 

Music Community Internships: Buffalo is well-known for its thriving music scene. There are a wealth of opportunities throughout the community for undergraduate students to gain hands-on knowledge and experience of various aspects of the music industry, from performing to behind-the-scenes technical work to the business of music. 

Contact: Karen Sausner, 

Political Science Community Internship Program: Involves service with state legislators from the area, city or county government, or various public agencies. Work includes policy research, drafting legislation, field investigations, program evaluations, and contacts with other organizations.

Washington Semester Internship Program: Involves a semester placement in Washington under the direction of a SUNY Brockport Program Officer. Participation includes an internship, a research seminar, and a research paper.

NYS Legislative Internship Program: Involves semester placement in the Albany office of a state senate or assembly member; requires forty-plus-hour weeks as legislative assistants under a professional staff member's guidance. Also requires special readings, weekly seminar, short reports, and a major research paper, under the direction of SUNY faculty-in-residence.

Contact: Jacob Neiheisel,

Psychology Supervised Applied Experience: A program of applied work in a community, government, or private agency or organization related to the major in psychology. Must be agreed upon by the student and a faculty sponsor in the department. Credit does not count toward the major and the course is graded pass/fail.
Contact: Peter Pfordresher,

Sociology Internship: Typically conducted in a community agency, government office, or private setting. Gives students the opportunity to observe and participate in a variety of work experiences related to sociology. Open to sociology majors with junior or senior class standing only.
Contact: Kristen Lee,

Spanish Internship: Hands-on experience in language and cultural studies at institutions and community organizations in the Western New York area.
Contact: Maureen Jameson,

Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Internship: Community internship, health and human services internship, or environmental studies internship.
Contact: Roslyn Joy-Colon,  

Theatre Internship: Practical, hands-on experience in performance venues. Including but not limited to the areas of promotion, public relations, theatre management, box office, ushering, stage management, performance, etc.
Contact: Dyan Burlingame,