Two students and a professor in a lab.

Get Curious, Get Going

In many universities, undergraduate students are barred from conducting research until their junior or senior year. At UB, every student—from freshman to doctoral candidate—can get involved with the cutting-edge research happening every day.

Project Examples

Research projects take students from the tiniest specimen under the microscope to the highest peaks of the Eastern Alps, and everywhere in between. Examples of College research projects include:

Seeking students to work with Prof Surajit Sen on fundamental and applied problems in nonlinear and statistical physics, study of conflicts and battles, social systems and other topics to be crafted based on overlap of interest.
Observe the sniffing behavior of different primate species at a rescue center in Vietnam.
Students will work with Professor Walter Hakala to research ancient technologies of water retrieval, storage, and distribution across present-day India along with current efforts to revitalize neglected structures.
Jason Briner's students in Greenland.

Jason Briner's students awaiting helicopter transport in Greenland.

Don't forget to contact your academic department to inquire about additional research and funding opportunities.

Find a Research Opportunity

Faculty members are always conducting research. A good first step is to learn more about your department's faculty research projects, either by reading faculty bios or asking in person. Once you've discovered a project that interests you, contact your department or the professor directly to find out how you can become involved. You can also learn about current opportunities in the ELN Project Portal.

Funding Your Research

Indvidual students and groups of students can apply for project funding and conference funding through the UB Experiential Learning Network.