Students gardening in the community.

Learning, Growing, Giving Back

Individual engagement is a vital component of any healthy, thriving community. At UB, we encourage our students to use their talents to serve a community that has welcomed them for two, four, or possibly several years! It's also a chance to learn new skills and further professional development in their chosen field.

Service Learning Courses

Throughout this new service-learning course, students serve as mentors, tutor middle school students, and support science teachers in classrooms in the Buffalo Public Schools.

The Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences offers a non-clinical aid internship that allows students to earn UB credit and gain valuable experience as an aid to a specialized professional.  Students will work with a speech-language pathologist in a school setting.

The Community Service Project is designed to provide students with opportunities to meet the essential needs of an approved charitable or community service organization, applying interpersonal, organizational, or mediated communication skills while tying service and learning together.

The main student activity is the semester-long "Carbon Reduction Challenge” project, which is carried out by teams of 2 to 3 students in collaboration with local businesses and organizations. The project involves designing, pitching, and implementing creative strategies to avoid carbon emissions and, where possible, identify benefits to all three legs of the triple bottom line: People-Planet-Profit.

LIN 496 allows students to earn UB credit, gain valuable teaching experience, and make a meaningful contribution to the community all at the same time. The Department of Linguistics places UB undergraduate students in the Buffalo Public Schools as a teacher's aid or tutor to work with children on developing their language and literacy skills.

RLL 496 is designed as an experiential learning course for (primarily) majors and minors in Romance Languages and Literatures. Its aim is to provide students with some basic principles of TESOL, and then pair each student with an individual in the WNY refugee community for tutoring in English and for the preparation of a narrative about their lives.

Find Other Service Opportunities

Information on service opportunities is available through Student Engagement. Learn more about volunteer and community service programs including: Social Change Saturdays, Alternative Breaks, and more!