Summer Science Workshops

Summer Science Workshop in a science lab.

Love science? Want to get a jump on your college career? The College of Arts and Sciences is offering preparatory summer workshops for incoming freshmen who will be taking introductory biological sciences (BIO 200), general chemistry (CHE 101/102, 105/106, 107/108) or general physics (PHY 101/102, 107/108). These specially-designed workshops prep students for first-year science coursework while building the “survival skills” incoming freshmen need to successfully navigate the transition from high school to a university setting. Make friends, meet professors, protect your STEM GPA, and have fun!

What Will I Do?

  • Meet and make friends with other science-focused incoming UB students
  • Master best practices for making the most of a university-level lecture course
  • Develop study strategies and public speaking skills through lab quizzes, lecture exams and oral presentations
  • Learn your way around North Campus and get familiar with UB classrooms and labs
  • Get to know our faculty experts and receive an individual progress assessment

About the Workshops

Students may choose a single workshop (Biology, Physics or Chemistry) or a combined workshop (Biology and Chemistry or Physics and Chemistry)

Biology: July 7-10, 2019

Jessica Poulin, PhD.

Preparation for Evolutionary Biology (BIO 200)

Jessica Poulin, PhD

This workshop introduces topics including Mendelian genetics, modern heredity, microevolutionary forces, experimental design and phylogenetics in a real-time, college-level format.

Physics: July 7-10, 2019

John Cerne, PhD.

Preparation for General Physics (PHY 101/102/107/108)

John Cerne, PhD

This workshop presents introductory mechanics, covering vectors and accelerated motion in one and two dimensions while exploring physical problem-solving strategies to help students use basic concepts to address a large variety of challenges.

Chemistry: July 11-14, 2019

Timothy Liwosz, PhD.

Preparation for General Chemistry (CHE 101/102/105/106/107/108)

Timothy Liwosz, PhD

This workshop introduces the fundamental concepts of chemistry, such as atomic structure, chemical equations and stoichiometry.

Tuition, Housing and Schedules

Tuition fees include registration for the academic program, lab fees, housing, linens and meals. Participants are required to stay in the residence hall on campus in an effort to promote study groups in the evening and encourage early friendships among their cohort.

July 7-10, 2019, $595

July 7-10, 2019, $595

July 11-14, 2019, $595

Combined workshop July 7-14, 2019, $999

Combined workshop July 7-14, 2019, $999

Please Note:

These workshops do not replace the UB summer orientation program for incoming freshmen.

Student Testimonials

  • “It’s great preparation during one of the biggest transitions in your life.”
  • “Yes, I definitely would recommend it to other students.  It was so informative, and I feel much more confident in myself now.”
  • “It was a wake-up call!  I took 4 AP classes in high school and even that didn't prepare me for the difficulty of the exams.”
  • "I feel so much more relaxed about coming to college.  I actually already have friends and study partners!"



Refund Policy: Registration fee, less university registration processing fees, will be refunded by request if registration is cancelled 2 weeks in advance of program start date.

For more information please contact Caitlin Hoekstra at