Nagesh Revankar


Nagesh Revankar.

Nagesh Revankar


Nagesh Revankar


Director of Graduate Studies and PhD Program

Research Interests

Econometrics/Panel Models; Microeconomics; Modeling Micro-Exogeneity-Macro-Endogeneity; Analysis of error component models in the presence of externalities

Contact Information

425 Fronczak Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260-1520

Phone: (716) 645-8676


Prof. Revankar’s early work is in the area of production theory, where he has contributed to some generalized production functions. His subsequent work studies issues in theoretical econometrics—formulation of weak exogeniety tests in structural models, construction of aggregate optimal price-quantity indexes exploiting supply – demand equations for individual markets, forecasting under price control and decontrol, analysis of the Pareto model when incomes are ‘underreported’, etc. His recent interests are in applied econometrics. And his current project aims to gain a comparative view of the bank behaviors in the U.S. and Japan over their respective financial crisis periods.


  • PhD, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1967
  • MA, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1965
  • MA, Statistics, University of Poona, India, 1960
  • BA, Mathematics, University of Poona, India, 1958

Selected Publications

  • Zellner, A. and Revankar, N.S., “Generalized Production Functions”, Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 36 (1969), 241-250
  • Revankar, N.S., “A Class of Variable Elasticity of Substitution Production Functions”, Econometrica, Vol. 29 (1971), 61-71
  • Revankar, N.S. and Hartley M.J., “An Independence Test and Conditional Unbiased Predictions in the Context of Simultaneous Equation Systems,” International Economic Review. Vol. 14 (1973), 625-631
  • Revankar, N.S., “Some Finite Sample Results in the Context of Two SUR Equations”, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol. 69 (1974), 187-190
  • Hartley, M.J. and Revankar N.S., “On the Estimation of Pareto Law from Under-Reported Data, Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 2 (1974), 327-341
  • Hinkley, D.V. and N.S. Revankar, “Estimation of the Pareto Law from Under-Reported Data: A Further Analysis”, Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 5 (January, 1977), 1-11
  • Revankar, N.S., “Asymptotic Relative Efficiency Analysis of Certain Tests of Independence in Structural Systems,” International Economic Review (1978)
  • Revankar, N.S., “Testing of the Rational Expectations Hypothesis”, Econometrica, Vol. 48 (1980), 1347-1363
  • Revankar, N.S., “Analysis of Regressions Containing Serially Correlated and Serially Uncorrelated Error Components,” International Economic Review, Vol. 21 (1980), 185-199
  • Revankar, N.S. and N. Yoshino, “An ‘Expanded Equation’ Approach to Weak-Exogeneity Tests in Structural Systems and A Monetary Application”, Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 71 (1990), 173-177
  • Revankar, N.S., “On the Problem of Forecasting Prior to ‘Price’ Control and Decontrol”, Journal of Forecasting, Vol. 11 (1992), 1-15
  • Revankar, N.S., “Exact Equivalence of Instrumental Variable Estimators in an Error Component Structural System”, (invited paper), in the special issue (“Econometrics of Panel Data”) of Empirical Economics, Vol, 17 (1992), 77-84; Also appears as a chapter in B. Raj and B.H. Baltagi (editors): Panel Data Analysis, New York: Physica-Verlag, 1992.
  • Revankar, N.S., and Salih, M., “Price-Quantity Indexes through Consistent aggregation of Markets”, in G. Mythili and R. Hema (editors): Topics in Applied Economics-Tools, Issues, and Institutions. Festschrift volume in honor of Prof. U. Sankar. New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2005.