Economics Seminar Series

Daniele Coen-Pirani, Professor of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh

Matching Pell Grants: Implications for College Debt and Parental Transfers

Dr. Daniele Coen-Pirani.

Dr. Daniele Coen-Pirani

(joint paper with Patricia Beeson [University of Pittsburgh], Jessica LaVoice [Bowdoin College], and Marla Ripoll [University of Pittsburgh])

We study the causal effect of the net price of college on student debt, schooling investment, and parental transfers by exploiting a natural experiment. A large public U.S. university introduced a program to match Pell grants in AY 2019-20. We use a difference-in-difference approach to measure the impact of this policy on the variables of interest and interpret our findings in light of a simple structural model of human capital investment under credit constraints.  


DATE: Friday, December 10, 2021 

TIME: 3:30-4:45 p.m. (earlier time)

LOCATION:  Passcode: seminar