College Reorganization

In May 2020, the College launched the process to strategically align the Dean’s office academic and research areas and reorganize the staff to better to support the departments, programs, center and institutes to improve and streamline processes and procedures.

The new strategic administrative direction started with organizing departments, centers, programs and institutes into sectors. Three area-specific associate deans oversee the sectors. 

The three academic sector areas: 

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Social Sciences

In addition to the academic sector associate deans, the realignment includes an Associate Dean for Research and an Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. 

Working closely with the Associate Deans, Sector Administrative Directors are also responsible for key administration functions and management of processes for the sector. 

As part of the reorganization, the College has adopted a shared service model as a way to streamline processes. The shared service model includes a variety of teams made up of staff with expertise and preference in certain areas.