Shared Services

As we look toward the future and UB’s Top 25 public universities ambitions, the College has reorganized the staff structure into Shared Services teams in an effort to better support departments, programs, centers and institutes and to improve and streamline processes and procedures.

The shared services model provides strategic, accurate, efficient and consistent high-quality service delivery across all departments at all times. It balances the workload, reduces duplication and redundancy and maintains continuous service for all departments.

In the shared services model, departments send process-oriented and compliance-based work to specialized teams. The teams will include staff who are subject matter experts in particular areas critical to the operation of the College. 

Overview of Teams

  • Department Support
  • Graduate Application Processing
  • Undergraduate Student Support
  • Graduate Student Support
  • Course Scheduling
Business Functions
  • Department Support
  • Reimbursement and Procurement
  • HR Appointments
Other Support
  • Department Support
  • Grants Management
  • Communications
  • Events

Team Descriptions

Department Support

Department support is focused on the work that is not completed by operational teams, including budgeting and reporting. Department support includes department administrators. This work strategically supports the Department Chair/Program Director, faculty and the overall department/unit, College and university’s strategic vision. They will help departments navigate the shared services model by completing tasks and/or delegating/collaborating with teams.

Shared Services Model

  • Follows the UB mandate to move forward with shared services
  • Provide strategic, accurate, efficient, and consistent high-quality service delivery across all departments at all times
  • Balance the workload, reduce duplication and redundancy, and maintain continuous service
  • Reduce the impact of temporary vacancies
  • Create promotion ladders for staff

Frequently Asked Questions

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