UB Production Group

The University at Buffalo Production Group (UBPG) constructs an environment that allows innovation to flourish. In our hands, production serves as the vehicle to create a memorable shared experience.

Production Services

Through engagement with community partners across the campus, we oversee hundreds of live events that define the UB experience. We produce award-winning, powerful videos that demonstrate impact, change perspectives and encourage positive impressions, and through our connection to the College of Arts and Sciences, we offer students distinctive experiential learning opportunities.

As UB’s professional production resource, supporting 800+ productions annually, the UBPG is dedicated to meeting the overall technical and video needs of the university, while also serving as a bridge between the academic and professional realms.

  • Technical Production includes the coordination and management of events and performances; and providing lighting, sound, staging and projection support.
  • Video Production includes produced, live event and broadcast production.

The UBPG provides these services in venues spanning across all three campuses, playing a central role in the success of university events and supporting a wide range of activity. 

Our Clients

The UBPG is a university service provider offering campus-wide production support. Our clients include academic departments and administrative units, Division of Athletics, Office of University Events, Student Life, University Communications and other university entities.

Our staff plays an integral role in CFA contracted events and performance activity. The UBPG grew from the CFA production department to reflect its support of campus-wide services and reports directly to the Center for the Arts operation. For assistance within the CFA or to reserve an event venue, please email requests to info@ubcfa.org

Sufjan Stevens.
Request Production Services

As a university service provider, the UBPG will provide a customized estimate for your production services. For further information or to request an estimate, please contact: 

production@buffalo.edu or (716) 645-6926

The UBPG Supports:

  • National tours 
  • Concerts
  • Dance 
  • Distinguished Speakers
  • Comedians
  • Family shows
  • Festivals 
  • Broadway musicals
  • Artist residencies
  • Experimental programming
  • Theatrical 
  • Athletics
  • Commencements
  • Symposiums 
  • Press conferences
  • Donor events 
  • Classroom support
  • Technical consulting
  • Production design  
  • Video features
  • Live multi-camera 
  • Image spots
  • Educational videos
  • Event capture
  • Live streaming
  • Social media shorts
  • Video news releases
  • Media training
  • Course instructional videos