Meet Our Staff

The UBPG staff are industry professionals, and many have served in leading roles prior to joining the university. Technical staff also function as designers and technicians within the local theatre community and video personnel have worked in television news, produced programs and documentaries for national broadcast networks, and directed hundreds of live performances.


"My production crew and I always look forward to spending the day at the university. The folks who run the theater take great care of us. They feed us well. Theyʼre kind and professional. Load-in and load-out is smooth and fast." – Lyle Lovett, Twitter, March 15, 2018

Jamie M. Enser
Executive Director
Center for the Arts
(716) 645-6254

Dave Jordan
Technical Director
(716) 645-6927

Regina Ticco
(716) 645-0893

Elizabeth Patrick
Production Manager
(716) 645-6918

Paul Calandra
Director of Photography
(716) 645-0907

Emma Schimminger
Production Manager
(716) 645-0912

Harry Mandris
Master Electrician
(716) 645-0919

Patty Rihn
Master Electrician
(716) 645-0892

Sean Krueger
Production Associate
(716) 645-2920

John Rickus
Head Carpenter
(716) 645-0916

Josh Piatov
Audio Visual Technician
(716) 645-0881

Mark Shotwell
Audio Engineer
(716) 645-0920

Craig Freudenthal
Production Technician
(716) 645-0901

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