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UB is a premier public research university in the northeastern United States. The largest and most comprehensive campus in the 64-campus SUNY system, we are an established leader and are consistently recognized by top university guides and publications for our excellent value, high-quality academics and inclusion and engagement of international students.

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With 29 departments, 16 special programs, five strategic initiatives and 23 centers and institutes, the College is the largest interdisciplinary acedemic unit at the University at Buffalo. We offer degrees in:

  • Arts and Humanities: By focusing on the human experience—across time and place—scholars and artists analyze our expansive past and shared future across a wide range of disciplines.
  • Social Sciences: Research in this broad field examines how human beings exist within increasingly complex social systems that govern our relationships, customs and behavior.
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Investigating physical phenomena, interconnected ecosystems and mathematical theories strengthens our understanding of the natural laws that govern our universe.

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Work alongside our 450 dedicated, internationally-recognized faculty in cutting-edge research and artistic spaces. From crucial advances in climate science and addiction studies to understanding democracy or pushing the boundaries of creative expression, there's a project—and an expert mentor—for you.

Hear from international students about our graduate programs

Meet Atindra, a graduate student from India studying within the Department of Biological Sciences.

Meet Nan, a graduate student from China studying international trade within the Department of Geography.

Meet Ana, a graduate student from Georgia studying within the Department of Global Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Learn more about the College of Arts and Sciences' Graduate International Trade Program.

Living and learning in Buffalo

About the University at Buffalo

  • UB is the premier public research university in the northeastern U.S.
  • A member of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU)
  • International students comprise more than 5,000 of the nearly 30,000 students enrolled at UB
  • UB is one of the nation’s top 50 public universities, according to the U.S. News and World Report
  • Hosts many events, activities and cultural celebrations
  • Offers easy access to shopping, entertainment and student-friendly housing

About the City of Buffalo

  • Second-largest city in New York State and third-most affordable city in the U.S.
  • Affordable off and on-campus housing
  • Known as the “City of Good Neighbors
  • Beautiful natural scenery and a four-season climate
  • A short drive from the Canadian border and Toronto
  • An hour flight to several major U.S. cities 

Why should you choose UB?

A photo of Azalia Primadita Muchransyah smiling toward the camera.

"Choosing UB for my graduate study is the best decision in my academic life. UB has both excellent programs and faculty members who guide me in advancing my research and expanding my network. UB offers a lot of opportunities to keep myself engaged with communities inside and outside the university.  As an artist and a filmmaker, Buffalo is also the right place to be, as it has become the hub of the art and film industry in the Western New York area."

Full Name: Azalia Primadita Muchransyah
Country: Indonesia
Department and program: PhD, Media Studies

A photo of Joshua Ong on the UB campus.

"My experience at the University at Buffalo has been filled with opportunity and exposure. Taking part in extracurricular activities such as different Student Associations societies and mixing with genuinely caring faculty members has broken my expectations of what a university could offer me. Apart from that, exposure to like-minded and non-like-minded individuals has taught me how diverse an international university could be and to fully appreciate the value of culture and tradition from all over.

Education on the graduate level is in-depth, impactful and enriching to my personal development. Not only do I learn about the theory of international trade, I also am exposed to different characters in the field that greatly diversify my perspective on matter on the subject and also matters of the world."

Full Name: Ong Ying Shern Joshua
Country: Malaysia
Department and program: International Trade, Geography

Fund your degree

UB offers many funding opportunities for graduate students, such as research and teaching assistantships (contact your program of interest to learn more about degree-specific funding), Presidential Fellowships and Dean's Scholarships, dissertation fellowships and the Mark Diamond Research Fund.

Graduate fairs and information sessions

On the Road – 2019 Graduate Fairs, Information Sessions and Tables

Graduate fairs, info sessions and table events offer the perfect opportunity for up-close learning about the College, campus culture, financial aid options and what sets UB apart from the crowd.

October/November 2019

QS Graduate Fairs Asia

Seoul, October 29
Chengdu, October 31
Beijing, November 2
Shanghai, November 3
Taipei, November 5

November/December 2019

QS Graduate Fairs India

Mumbai, November 30
New Delhi, December 4
Hyderabad, December 6
Bangalore, December 8

February 2020

Virtual Webinars 2020

Attend a virtual webinar and explore graduate school opportunities in the comfort of your own home! Register by clicking on a date below.


Webinar 4 – Arts and Humanities at the University at Buffalo: Programs, Research, and Jobs
Tuesday, February 11, 9 - 10 am (EST – Buffalo Time)

Webinar 5 - Social Sciences at the University at Buffalo: Programs, Research, and Jobs
Wednesday, February 12, 9 - 10 am (EST – Buffalo Time)


Webinar 1 - University at Buffalo – Achieving Success in Graduate Studies in the United States
Friday, March 6, 8 - 9 am (EST – Buffalo Time)

Webinar 2 - Studying and Living in Buffalo as an International Student
Friday, March 6, 9 - 10 am (EST – Buffalo Time)

Webinar 3 – Sciences at the University at Buffalo: Programs, Research, and Jobs
Monday, March 9, 9 - 10 am (EST – Buffalo Time)

Webinar 4 – Arts and Humanities at the University at Buffalo: Programs, Research, and Jobs
Tuesday, March 10, 9 - 10 am (EST – Buffalo Time)

Webinar 5 - Social Sciences at the University at Buffalo: Programs, Research, and Jobs
Wednesday, March 11, 9 - 10 am (EST – Buffalo Time)



Ready to take the next step?

To receive more information on a specific graduate program or international application requirements, applicants should contact Peter Biehl, associate dean for international education and enrollment, at or 716-645-0407 or contact the department or program to which they are applying to.

For a general overview of UB's international admissions process and university-wide resources, please visit the International Undergraduate Admissions website.