Nicholas Henshue


Nicholas Henshue.

Nicholas Henshue


Nicholas Henshue


Interdisciplinary Degree Programs Social Sciences
Clinical Assistant Professor


oligochaetology, organismal biology, restoration ecology, soil ecology, climate education, outreach, science communication, and teacher education.

Contact Information

437 Cooke Hall

Phone: (716) 645-4869


PhD, Ecology and Evolution, Rutgers University – 2017

Research Interests

Although my primary responsibilities involve teaching and advising responsibilities, I also study how earthworms can be used in post-industrial brownfield soils as a benefit to phytoextraction and site remediation. Some of my other projects involve earthworm biogeography and phenology, earthworm genome sequencing, and hosting an ecology podcast produced with my students called EcologyU.

Course Offerings

  • GLY/BIO - 309 Ecology
  • GLY 310 - Ecological Methods
  • SSC 433 - Soil Ecology
  • GEO 445/545 - Restoration Ecology
  • GLY 199 - Climate Seminar
  • GLY/BIO495 - Supervised Teaching
  • GLY 498 - Undergraduate Research
  • GLY 499 - Independent Study

Recent Publications

Henshue, N., Mordhorst, C. & Perkins, L. “Invasive earthworms in a Northern Great Plains prairie fragment” Biol Invasions (2017).

2017. Henshue, N. and Holzapfel, C.  “Biological Survey of Earthworm Populations” Presentation. Ecological Society of America Meeting 8/6/17

2016. Henshue, N. and Holzapfel, C.  “Amynthas Agrestis: The Aggressive Subterranean Invader. Presentation. Mid Atlantic Ecological Society Meeting 4/22/16

2016. Henshue, N. Investigating earthworm populations in both post-industrial metalliferous and pristine soil habitats. Presentation. Lacawac Ecology Conference, 9/24/16

2010. Henshue, N. “The Essential Species of Pennsylvania” (field guide, 142pp)

Invited reviewer for J. Biological Invasions.