Class of 2020 Celebration

A message from the chair

Congratulations, UB Geology class of 2020!

The Department of Geology congratulates the UB Geology class of 2020! It has been a long semester with a few very significant surprises, but we have made it to the end. It has been wonderful having each of you in the department, and we look forward to following your success into the future.  Those of you who are leaving Buffalo, please remember where you came from and continue to make us proud. Be sure to keep connected to our linked-in network of Geology Alumni where you can access important career and job advice. Click here.

Congratulations on your well-deserved success, and best wishes for your next adventure!

Professor Beata Csatho
Professor and Chair 
Department of Geology

Standing from left to right: Professor Emerita Mary Alice Coffroth, Assistant Professor Erasmus Oware, Professor Beata Csatho, Assistant Professor Margarete Jadamec, Professor Richelle Allen-King, Associate Professor Christopher Lowry and Professor Greg Valentine.

Kneeling left to right: Associate Professor Tracy Gregg, Professor Howard Lasker, Professor Emeritus Chuck Mitchell, Assistant Professor Elizabeth Thomas, Professor Jason Briner.

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Friday, May 15
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Saturday, May 16
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Isabella Li.

The things the Geology Department has offered me, I will never forget. I have made a lifetime full of memories here with people I consider as my family. - Undergrad Isabella Li

2020 Graduate Students

February 2020

Walter Haines, MS           
Carolyn Roberts, PhD
Nicholas Schiff, MS          
Patrick Suter, MS            
Qingyuan Yang, PhD

June 2020     

Amy Grogan, MS             
Samuel Rodgers, MS         
Christopher Sbarra, MS    
Jeremy Stock, MS
Sare Hadarou, MS
Tyler Smith, MS            

September 2020

Patrick Bobbitt, MS           
Anissa Croft, MS               
Claudia Fletcher, MS          
Jeremy Fontaine, MS     
Katlyn Sewll, MS                

Graduate Awards

Patrick Bobbitt.

Patrick Bobbitt

Pegrum Graduate Outstanding Teaching Award

Patrick is a phenomenal Teaching Assistant and gifted communicator. His depth of knowledge, as well as his ability to communicate that knowledge, are incredibly valuable teaching attributes, especially for courses that require complex three-dimensional thinking and problem solving, as both the Structural Geology/Global Tectonics and Geological Field Training courses do. Patrick is also both enthusiastic and patient. This allows Patrick to engage the students as they initiate the challenging assignments, and then to also stay focused and work with students through the multiple steps and conceptual leaps required for learning three-dimensional concepts. In addition, both Structural Geology and Geological Field Training are courses that require students to apply book learning to real-world problems and integrate their knowledge in order to piece together disparate observations into a coherent four-dimensional puzzle of geographic space and geologic time. Patrick excelled at working with students in the field and in integrating their field data into cross sections, maps, and geological frameworks. Patrick is truly deserving of the Pegrum Award for Excellent Teaching and has been a tremendous asset to the teaching of undergraduates at UB.
- Professor Margarete Jadamec

Allison Cluett.

Allison Cluett

The Solene Pouget Award

Allison, a 4th year PhD student in my group, recently published a paper entitled "Resolving combined influences of inflow and evaporation on western Greenland lake water isotopes to inform paleoclimate inferences" in the Journal of Paleolimnology. This paper lays a strong foundation for research that uses stable isotope proxies measured in lakes to study climate and hydrological changes in the Arctic.
This research has implications for the human condition. Climate change poses a serious threat to society, and to the ecosystems that support our society. The Arctic is experiencing more dramatic warming than the rest of the world. Changes occurring in the Arctic, including retreating sea and glacier ice and shifts in atmospheric fronts, have global impacts via sea level rise, outbreaks of polar air, and changing precipitation patterns that impact agriculture. By refining the tools that we use to study climate change in the Arctic, Allison's manuscript provides a strong basis to better understand and adapt to Arctic climate change and its global impacts. 
-Professor Elizabeth Thomas

Joseph Tulenko.

Joe Tulenko

Pegrum Graduate Outstanding Research Award

Joe’s dissertation focuses on the Ice Age history of Earth, with an emphasis on the global pattern of late Pleistocene glaciation. His field areas primarily are Alaska and theColorado Rockies – two areas with contrasting records of glaciation. He has been to Alaska twice and Colorado once to carry out this work, and followed up each field visit with many months of lab work (grueling hours in the rock crushing room, the patient work of mineral separation on countless samples, and meticulous and detailed wet chemistry procedures that result in trace isotope analysis). Thus far he has one dissertation paper published, another one currently in the works, and a third paper planned for next year. He has, on average, presented twice per year at conferences (e.g., annual meetings of GSA and AGU). Finally, Joe participated in a month-long course in Scandinavia that focused on the glacier history of the Arctic.

On top of his dissertation work, Joe is advising an undergraduate student, who was with
Joe and I in southern Alaska last summer. He is currently mentoring that student through his first
conference. Joe also worked with Bea for a year on a remote sensing and glaciology project
involving a Greenland Ice Sheet outlet glacier. This resulted in an AGU presentation. Finally, in
addition to being on track to be a prolific publisher in scientific journals, Joe also wrote and
submitted a manuscript to a National Parks of Alaska magazine, peer reviewed but geared to a
more general audience.

Joe is a strong student, researcher, member of our department, and I think very fitting for
receiving the Pegrum Graduate Student Researcher Award.
Professor Jason Briner

2020 Undergrad Students

February 2020

Jenna Barber, BS
Patrick Fennelly IV, BS
Isabelle, Li, BS
Jake Riedel, BS
Leonardo Veliz, BS
Liam Mahoney, BA (Geology Minor)

June 2020

Brendan Ash, BS
Kyle Comstock, BS
Joy Ene, BS
Alexander Faux, BS
Da Lin, BS
Dwight Perot, BS
Maya Prabhakar, BS
Adrianna Salvati, BA
Kyle Schmitt, BS
Michael Cunico, BS (Geology Minor)

September 2020

Kimberly Bartlett, BS      
Salvatore Bianco, BS          
Morgan Brown, BS
Frank Clougherty, BS
Daemon Digati, BS
Justin Feldis, BS
Todd Glosser, BS
Kevin Griswold, BS
Nathan Pavlick, BS



Undergraduate Awards

Brendan Ash.
Brendan Ash

CAS Outstanding Senior Award

Brendan Ash of Apalachin, New York graduates summa cum laude with a bachelor of science in geologic sciences. Ash is a recipient of a departmental award from the James P. Owens Fund, traveled to Alaska for an independent research project with a faculty member which he presented at the International Arctic Workshop. He is a trip leader for the Student Association Outdoor Adventure Club. Ash plans to pursue work in geology or hydrology in the Great Lakes area, or a masters of science in geology.

Louie Manzella.
Antonio Manzella

Pegrum 2021 Outstanding Senior

My name is Antonio Louis “Louie” Manzella IV, and I am currently a Junior in the Geological Sciences program at University at Buffalo. My drive to study Geology comes from the fact that I am rather interested in what is underneath the surface of the earth, and I wanted to know more about it. In the future I would like to be able to work on projects that remediate human caused environmental issues, whether it be restoring a dig site after the site has been left, helping mitigate contaminants in groundwater, or simply planning rain gardens in urban centers.

Mareli Paredes.
Mareli Paredes

Dorothea Duttweiler Memorial Award

My name is Mareli Paredes BS'20. During the end of my second year at UB, I took Climate Change with Dr. Poinar and it inspired me to change my major to geology. Now two years later, I am glad I made the switch because through my time here I've learned so much and have been inspired by the faculty. For the future, I will be researching contaminant transport in the subsurface with Dr. Oware's research group. Although there is no physical field camp this year, I am very thankful for receiving the Dorothea Duttweiler Field Camp Award to help with tuition costs.
Bailey Valint.
Bailey Valint

Dorothea Duttweiler Memorial Award

Bailey Valint, BS ’20. I knew geology had a special place in my heart when I took Earth Science in 8th grade, but I didn’t start off as a geology student. I bounced around in engineering, before finally deciding to major in something I was passionate about. Geology, by the nature of it, makes sense! I’ve enjoyed every course I’ve taken in the department: lectures, labs, field work, and I’m sure virtual field camp. I’m super excited to continue my geology education here at UB with an MS, working in the Geodynamics Research and Visualization Lab under Dr. Margarete Jadamec.


Kimberly Bartlett.
Kimberly Bartlett

Dorothea Duttweiler Memorial Award

My name is Kimberly Bartlett. I am an undergraduate with the geology department and graduating this summer(2020) after I finish up field camp (virtually of course). My inspiration to becoming a geologist didn’t really start until I moved to western New York and really got to experience my husband’s well drilling company. This kind of sparked my curiosity of clean, drinkable water and how to obtain it. I originally started as an Environmental major but realized that geology is where I truly belong. I do plan to return to grad school eventually to obtain my masters but for now I want to experience the work force with my geology degree. Hopefully this will help me figure out what exactly I want to further pursue my studies in. Thank you so much to the Geology department and all of the amazing teachers I’ve been able to study under. These past couple of years have been nothing short of stressful yet amazing all combined in one. I can’t wait to see where this degree takes me.

Da Lin.
Da Lin

The Gilbert Jaffe Memorial Award

My name is Da Lin, as a graduating senior BS student in Spring 2020. Generally, I'm long interested in applicational geoscience and history in archaeological contexts. Through these four years of study, I was increasingly acknowledged the importance of non-invasive survey methods in modern archaeology, and the capability of various geophysical and geostatistical techniques. This inspired me to learn more about the archaeological application of geophysical techniques, I’ll continue to study in this direction in my master program, starting next semester. I am thankful for receiving the Gilbert Jaffe Award, and it would help me for my future study.

Katie Lovell.
Katie Lovell

The James P. Owens Scholarship

Katie is a second year student at UB studying geology. From a young age, she was fascinated by Earth science and learning about the natural processes that shape the world. This fascination combined with a passion for environmentalism and advocacy led to an interest in studying environmental science upon arriving at UB. In her second year, Katie narrowed her focus to geology to study the history of the Earth and understanding climate change. Katie plans to continue paleoclimate research while at UB, and wants to eventually work for an environmental-related federal agency.

Maya Prabhaker.
Maya Prabhakar

Pegrum Outstanding Senior 2020

Maya Prabhakar, University at Buffalo class of 2020, wanted to pursue Geology in high school. The experiential learning and diverse nature of the discipline caused her interest in Geology to grow during college. Dr. Elizabeth Thomas later gave her the opportunity to explore paleoclimatology through laboratory work and introduced her to Dr. Kaustubh Thirumalai. She will join Dr. Thirumalai’s lab at the University of Arizona to pursue paleoceanography and micropaleontology at the graduate level.

Maya Prabhaker.

“Core values include valuing cores” - undergrad Maya Prabhakar

Morgan Brown.

Undergrad - Morgan Brown

Patrick Bobbitt.

Geological Field Training 2019 at Site #1 in Colorado. Image shows Teaching Assistant Patrick Bobbitt reviewing with students how to use a Brunton compass for taking measurements of the geometric orientation of structures in the field. Photo by Margarete Jadamec.


College of Arts and Sciences Virtual Commencement Ceremony

Friday, May 15 1 p.m. 

This virtual ceremony is for graduate students from all departments within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Saturday, May 16 3 p.m.

This virtual ceremony is for undergraduate students from all departments within the College of Arts and Sciences.