Class of 2021 Celebration

A message from the chair

Professor and Chair Beata Csatho

Congratulations, UB Geology class of 2021!

The Department of Geology congratulates the UB Geology class of 2021! It has been a long semester with a few very significant surprises, but we have made it to the end. It has been wonderful having each of you in the department, and we look forward to following your success into the future.  Those of you who are leaving Buffalo, please remember where you came from and continue to make us proud. Be sure to keep connected to our linked-in network of Geology Alumni where you can access important career and job advice. Click here.

Congratulations on your well-deserved success, and best wishes for your next adventure!

Professor Beata Csatho
Professor and Chair 
Department of Geology

Standing from left to right: Professor Emerita Mary Alice Coffroth, Assistant Professor Erasmus Oware, Professor Beata Csatho, Assistant Professor Margarete Jadamec, Professor Richelle Allen-King, Associate Professor Christopher Lowry and Professor Greg Valentine.

Kneeling left to right: Associate Professor Tracy Gregg, Professor Howard Lasker, Professor Emeritus Chuck Mitchell, Assistant Professor Elizabeth Thomas, Professor Jason Briner.

A Message from Professor Margarete Jadamec, Director of Undergraduate Studies

College of Arts and Sciences Commencement Ceremonies

Saturday, May 15
6:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 16
Arts, Natural Sciences, Math and Interdisciplinary Programs: 9:30 a.m.
Humanities and Social Sciences: 3:00 p.m.

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2021 Graduate Students

February 2021

Scott Kamysz, MS
Serena Labrecque, MS
Natasha MacWalters, MS
David Narkevic, PhD
Thomas Scialo, MS

June 2021 

Patrick Bobbitt, MS
Joshua Charlton, MS
Allison Cluett, PhD 


June 2021 cont.

Julie Gibson, MS
Kayla Hollister, MS
Richard Milleville, MS
Nathan Pavlick, MS
Jenny Soonthornrangsan, MS
Caleb Walcott, MS               

Graduate Awards

Jenny Soonthornrangsan.

Jenny Soonthornrangsan

Pegrum Graduate Outstanding Teaching Award

Jenny Soonthornrangsan is a second-year Master's student, whose thesis project developed a surface water-groundwater model to analyze climatic and human effects on water resources for Western New York. She decided to pursue a career in hydrogeology, after she took a hydrogeology course in her freshman year at Hamilton College. She loved the quantitative and applied nature of the subject as well as the ways hydrogeology can be used for humanitarian aid. Jenny will be starting a PhD program at TU Delft in the Netherlands to assess flood risk due to sea-level rise and subsidence in her hometown in Bangkok, Thailand.

Hannah Annunziata.

Hannah Annunziata

Pegrum Graduate Outstanding Teaching Award

My name is Hannah Annunziata and I am incredibly grateful to be this year’s recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Graduate Pegrum Award. I have always had a love for the outdoors and pursuing a degree in geology has allowed me to find a career path where I can make a meaningful impact in a field that I am passionate about. Being a TA with the department has allowed me to share my passion with students. My focus is on groundwater contaminants, and upon graduation I hope to either join the private sector as an environmental consultant, or work for DEC.

Allison Cluett.

Allison Cluett

Pegrum Graduate Outstanding Teaching Award and Research Award

My name is Allison Cluett and I defended my PhD this spring. Through the past five years, I have worked with Dr. Elizabeth Thomas in the UB Organic and Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Lab, investigating long-term changes in Arctic temperature and precipitation through the analysis of ‘molecular fossils’ preserved in lake and ocean sediments. I was inspired to pursue geology as an undergraduate, when I discovered geochemistry, which applied the tools of chemistry to investigations of the natural world. I am excited to continue researching Arctic paleoclimatology as a postdoctoral fellow at Northern Arizona University.

Joe Tulenko.

Joe Tulenko

The Solene Pouget Award

My name is Joseph P. Tulenko and I am a 5th year PhD candidate. Since my time in the Boy Scouts long ago, I have always felt a connection with our natural world. While exploring the grand Rocky Mountains of Colorado where I grew up, I developed an interest and curiosity about Earth’s natural processes. After multiple trips to Alaska, I am continuously inspired to understand the processes that shape the beautiful landscapes across the state. In particular, I have always been awed at the steady and unrelenting power of glaciers as they carve out wide valleys over the millennia.

Caleb Walcott.

Caleb Walcott

Pegrum Graduate Outstanding Research Award

My name is Caleb Walcott and I am a graduating MS and incoming PhD student at UB! My MS thesis was focused on reconstructing the glacial history of southeast Alaska and I’ll be working on glacial chronologies in Greenland and western New York for my PhD. Growing up, I never thought I would be a geologist, but a random oceanography class in college led me down the most rewarding and exciting life path I can imagine! I hope to pursue a career in academia where I can teach, research, and share my passion for geoscience.

Joshua Charlton.

Joshua Charlton

Pegrum Graduate Outstanding Research Award

My name is Joshua Charlton, and my MS thesis explores Greenland Ice Sheet river canyons. I took an early interest in geology through childhood visits to my grandparents, who would take me fossil hunting and to rock and mineral shows. Now, I am motivated to reveal the drivers of mass loss from the cryosphere. Research in UB Geology has been outstanding preparation for my upcoming PhD work at the University of Utah, where I will study glacier melt within populated mountain regions. I am honored and thankful to receive the Pegrum Award for Excellence in Research to support these efforts.

Pegrum Special Travel Award:

Devon Gorbey
Philip Conrad

Dr. Duane Champion Graduate Summer Travel Award:

Meridith Cole

2021 Undergrad Students

February 2021

Mareli Paredes, BS
Nicholas Rave, BS

June 2021

Kyle Comstock, BS
Daemon Digati, BS
Joanna Howansky, BA
Matthew Van Houten, BA
Samuel Wray, BS

September 2021

Fletcher Daniel, BS
Noah Dobson, BS
Kelly Goliber, BA
Antonio Manzella IV, BS
Hayley Martinez, BS
David Sheridan, BS



Undergraduate Awards

Noah Dobson.

Noah Dobson

CAS 2021 Outstanding Senior
Dorothea C. Duttweiler Memorial Award

I appreciate the opportunity I have been given by being selected for the Geology Duttwieler Field Camp Award this summer. I plan to use this scholarship to help pay for tuition. I originally became interested in geology after attending a rock and mineral show, where my fascination for the world of geology expanded. After one show I went to another and then another, where my one of my favorite hobbies emerged. I have a fascination for minerals, and in particular sulfides, due to their unique crystalline structures. I have decided to pursue geology due to my interest in mineralogy and mining. I have expanded my pursuit of geology to hydrology and would like to enter the mining or oil and gas industry. I appreciate this award and recognize it will help me finish my last remaining course needed for my degree in geology and will help me later in career. Thank you.
Kathryn Lovell.

Kathryn Lovell

Dorothea C. Duttweiler Memorial Award

Kathryn (Katie) is a third year student at UB studying geology. She has been fascinated by Earth science from a young age, and a passion for environmentalism and advocacy led to an interest in studying environmental science as well as geology. Combining these interests, she does research in the stable isotope biogeochemistry lab to understand modern climate change in the context of past climate conditions. Katie plans to graduate in the Fall of 2021, and wants to eventually work for an environmental-related federal agency.

Hayley Martinez.

Hayley Martinez

Dorothea C. Duttweiler Memorial Award

My name is Hayley Martinez, and I am a senior that is graduating in the summer of 2021. I came into UB with the intent to pursue a biomedical sciences degree, but the summer before classes started I switched to a geology major. I have not regretted that decision since. I was fortunate enough to work in Dr. Jason Briner’s lab for my 3 years I was here, and really cement my love for geology and all things glacier related. I hope to continue my education at the University of Iceland and become a Master’s student there.

Additional recipients of the Dorothea C. Duttweiler Memorial Award:

Tyler Harshberger
Fletcher Daniel
Kyle Huber

John S. King Field Camp Award:

David Sheridan
Timothy Howard

Louie Manzella.

Louie Manzella

Pegrum 2021 Outstanding Senior

My name is Antonio Louis “Louie” Manzella IV, and I am currently a senior in the Geological Sciences program at University at Buffalo. My drive to study Geology comes from the fact that I am rather interested in what is underneath the surface of the earth, and I wanted to know more about it. In the future I would like to be able to work on projects that remediate human caused environmental issues, whether it be restoring a dig site after the site has been left, helping mitigate contaminants in groundwater, or simply planning rain gardens in urban centers.

Kyle Comstock.

Kyle Constock

The Gilbert Jaffe Memorial Award

MY name is Kyle Comstock as a 5th year as an undergraduate, at SUNY Buffalo. I’ve always been interested in geology. It makes me feel there was no beginning. But I got myself interested in volcanoes as I loved their power and mystery, as I studied further, I found we knew less than I expected. I plan to obtain my masters when I can but for now it's to go into the job force as I couldn’t find anyone taking masters students right now.Nothing rivals my determination and ambition to obtain my dream job and am blessed with the opportunities that I have already obtained.

Angela Shell.

Angela Shell

The James P. Owens Scholarship

My name is Angela Shell, I am going into my senior year of Geological Sciences and Classical Civilizations. I got into geology in high school when I had taken the earth science class; it just seemed fascinating to me how the earth worked. I have always liked science and since geology gave me a great opportunity to delve into different sciences and arts while still focusing on the earth I decided to go down that route. In the future, I want to use my knowledge in geology to participate in archaeological site preservation.

Eric Cicero.

Eric Cicero

Pegrum Outstanding Senior 2022

My name is Eric Cicero, a rising senior in the process of getting a B.S. in Geological Sciences with minors in Physics and Mathematics. I started at UB as a Physics major but after taking a course on climate change taught by Dr. Poinar I became extremely interested in learning about how our planet worked and changed my major. While studying Geology I’ve performed research in the Glacier Modelling Lab on firn aquifers and even presented my work at a conference. I hope to attend graduate school and contribute to the field of Geology in any way I can.

Structural Geology and Global Tectonics class on the day of Halloween in 2019 using pumpkins to learn about stereonets.

Structural Geology and Global Tectonics class on Halloween day using pumpkins to learn about stereonets with Professor Margarete Jadamec.

Geology students conduction geophysical surveys on UB North campus.

Geology students in a Geophysics class with Professor Erasmus Oware conducting geophysical surveys on UB North campus.