Class of 2022 Celebration

A message from the chair

Professor and Chair Beata Csatho

Congratulations, UB Geology class of 2022!

The Department of Geology congratulates the UB Geology class of 2022! It has been a long semester with a few very significant surprises, but we have made it to the end. It has been wonderful having each of you in the department, and we look forward to following your success into the future.  Those of you who are leaving Buffalo, please remember where you came from and continue to make us proud. Be sure to keep connected to our linked-in network of Geology Alumni where you can access important career and job advice. Click here.

Congratulations on your well-deserved success, and best wishes for your next adventure!

Professor Beata Csatho
Professor and Chair 
Department of Geology

Standing from left to right: Professor Emerita Mary Alice Coffroth, Assistant Professor Erasmus Oware, Professor Beata Csatho, Associate Professor Margarete Jadamec, Professor Richelle Allen-King, Associate Professor Christopher Lowry and Professor Greg Valentine.

Kneeling left to right: Associate Professor Tracy Gregg, Professor Emeritus Howard Lasker, Professor Emeritus Chuck Mitchell, Assistant Professor Elizabeth Thomas, Professor Jason Briner.

College of Arts and Sciences Commencement Ceremonies

Friday, May 20
1:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 22
Arts, Natural Sciences, Math and Interdisciplinary Programs: 9:30 a.m.
Humanities and Social Sciences: 3:00 p.m.

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2022 Graduate Students

February 2022

Hannah Annunziata, MS
Vincent Farruggua, MS
Ethan Smith, MS
Joseph Tulenko, PhD.
Brian Wasilewski, MS

June 2022

Isabelle Li, MS


August 2022

Philip Conrad, MS
Brandon Graham, PhD.
Kevin Griswold, MS
Brandon Keim, MS
Da Lin, MS
Karlee Prince, MS 
Khaled Rahimi, PhD.       

Graduate Awards

Pegrum Graduate Outstanding Teaching Award

My name is Kurt Lindberg and I am a second year PhD student in the UB Geology Department working with Dr. Elizabeth Thomas. I study how paleoclimate proxies, primarily plant leaf waxes, function in the modern Canadian Artic to better understand the climate information they record over time. I was inspired to pursue Geology during my undergraduate introductory courses, where I saw how Earth’s geology plays a critical role in the climate system, both in the past and present. I plan to pursue a career in academia where I can continue following my passions for scientific research and teaching.

Pegrum Graduate Outstanding Research Award

My name is Karlee Prince and I study the timing of past ice sheet change using sediment records from bogs in western New York. In addition, I’m using sediment records from southeast Alaska to understand both the timing of ice sheet retreat and the ecological history. I’ll be defending my master’s thesis summer ‘22 and pursing a PhD with Dr. Jason Briner on past ice sheet change of the Greenland Ice Sheet and its effect on relative sea level rise. I found a love for geology growing up in northern Wisconsin among juxtaposed recent glacial deposits that drape billion-year rift basalts.

The Solene Pouget Award

My name is Caleb Walcott and I am a first-year PhD student at UB. I received my MS - also from UB - in 2021. My PhD focuses on creating glacial chronologies in northern Greenland and western New York. Growing up, I spent lots of time in the outdoors and was enamored by the natural world. However, I never thought I would be a geologist, but a random oceanography class in college led me down the most rewarding and exciting life path I can imagine. I hope to pursue a career in academia where I can teach, research, and share my passion for geoscience.

The Solene Pouget Award

My name is Isabelle Li, and I am in the last year of my Geology MS. I found geology by chance during my undergraduate. Since then, I cannot see myself doing anything else in my life. In the six years I have been at UB, I have made friends and formed a family with people who have supported my journey as a student and a geologist. I aspire to be like them in any job I may find myself in. To have that same overall sense of passion and zeal for the work and the science.

2022 Undergrad Students

February 2022

Timothy Howard, BA
Kathryn Lovell, BS
Thomas Mayes, BA
Angela Shell, BA
Mingkun Zhang, BA

June 2022

Tyler Harshberger, BS
Colby Tadlock, BA
Rebekah Turner, BA

August 2022

Rachel Bakowski, BS
Anthony Campise, BS
Brooke Chase, BS
Eric Cicero, BS
Matthew Dompkowski, BS
Jenna LaBombard, BS
Gabriela Nolan, BS
Arianna Recinos, BS
Jude Sabato, BS
Alyssa Sands, BS
Henriette Zombori, BS



Undergraduate Awards

Pegrum 2023 Outstanding Senior

My name is Jason Hanania. I am an undergraduate geology student graduating in 2023. My love for the earth and aspiration to spend time outdoors inspired me to pursue geology. With Buffalo being my hometown, choosing a top-tier research university like UB was an easy choice for me. For the past year, I have been conducting research on urban hydrology and green infrastructure. I plan to attend graduate school to study hydrogeology within the context of critical zone science. I hope to also apply geophysics in my research

CAS 2022 Outstanding Senior

Professor Margarete Jadamec comments: Rachel has demonstrated exceptional academic excellence as a student at UB, while pursuing both a Geological Sciences BS major and a Dance BA major. Thus, Rachel truly represents the breadth and depth of the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition, Rachel is a CAS College Ambassador for the Geology Department. Rachel is currently an undergraduate researcher in the Geodynamics Research and Visualization group in the Geology Department and Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at UB, where she has learned computer programming and is analyzing observational constraints on volcanoes along the Pacific Ring of Fire. Rachel has a passion for volcanology and will be attending graduate school in the fall.  

The Dorothea Duttweiler Memorial Award

Hello! My name is Alyssa Sands. I am a senior geology B.S. student intending to graduate this upcoming summer session (2022). I was inspired to pursue a major in geology due to the environmental changes around us. Pursuing an education in geology grants me the opportunity to help counter some of the harmful effects of the human footprint. For potential plans after graduating from The University at Buffalo, I hope to apply my undergraduate research to aninternship opportunity. After completing an internship, furthering my work experience, and resume building, I would like to apply to graduate school at The University at Buffalo or CU Boulder to receive my master’s degree in Geology.

The Dorothea Duttweiler Memorial Award

My name is Henriette Zombori and I'm a senior double majoring in civil engineering and geology. My passion for tackling climate change and conserving nature is what inspired me to pursue geology. Next fall I will be attending Virginia Tech for my master’s in environmental engineering. Following the completion of my graduate studies, I intend to practice as an environmental engineer specializing in restoration, conservation, climate change mitigation, and green, nature-based infrastructure. In the future, I hope to travel internationally and help countries most threatened by the effects of climate change.


The Dorothea Duttweiler Memorial Award

My name is Rachel Bakowski. I am a senior majoring in both Dance and Geology. From a young age, I have always been fascinated by the Earth and science, which is why I chose to pursue Geology. My favorite branch of Geology is Volcanology, and here at UB, I have been able to develop a better understanding of this science. After I graduate, I will be attending the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida for my Masters in Geoscience. Here, I will focus my research on volcano monitoring and hazard assessment.  

The Dorothea Duttweiler Memorial Award

My name is Brooke Chase. I am currently an undergraduate student at the University at Buffalo, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Geology. I intend to graduate Summer of 2022 after completing field camp. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and natural sciences, though, after taking an introductory geology course my freshman year I realized that geology was something I wanted to spend the rest of my life studying. I had so many questions and wanted to learn everything possible about the field. For the past year, I have been an undergraduate researcher in the Glacial History Lab, and for the past semester, I have been an undergraduate researcher in the Geodynamics Visualization and Research Lab. Upon graduation, I plan to go to graduate school and pursue a career in academia.

The Gilbert Jaffe Memorial Award

Hi my name is Gabby Nolan, a Catskill, New York native and a current senior at UB pursuing a B.S. in Geological Sciences and B.A. in Political Science. She is currently doing research on a probable impact crater located under Panther Mountain in the Catskills. After graduating in May from UB, she is going on to pursue a Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts school of Urban Environmental Planning and Policy with the intention of focusing on water sourcing in urban areas.

The James P. Owens Scholarship

My name is Hao Wu, I am an undergraduate student in geology major. I decided to become a geologist when I was a middle school student before I immigrated to the United States. I still do not have a clear answer for why I wanted to be a geologist, but I have a clear goal on this path. Currently, I am doing research on interpreting different precipitation models in Dr. Lowry’s research team. I am planning to go to Oakland, CA after my graduation and will be looking for jobs associate with hydrogeology.

Pegrum 2022 Outstanding Senior

Professor Margarete Jadamec comments: We are pleased to award Eric the 2022 Geology Department Pegrum Outstanding Senior Award. Eric is an exceptional undergraduate in the Department of Geology. In addition to earning a BS in Geological Science at UB, Eric is earning a minor in Math and Physics. He has been an undergraduate researcher in the Glacial Modeling Lab since his sophomore year and has conducted undergraduate research in the Geodynamics Research and Visualization Lab at UB. Eric will be attending a PhD program in Geology in the Fall. Eric is an incredibly kind, hard-working, and brilliant student and we are proud to have him as our 2022 Geology Department Pegrum Outstanding Senior.