Geology Field Camp

Yampa River at Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado.

Yampa River at Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado

UB Geology Field Camp Going Strong

Ken Hilfiker, a UB Geology field camp TA in 1981 and 1982 (under Jack King), serendipitously found camp this year in Dinosaur National Monument as he and his wife, Patti, traveled from Alaska to Colorado, sparking much reminiscing and hilarity. “Do you still map in that place?” “Did you ever meet so-and-so?” “What about that big red truck?”

It was so good to meet you, the UB team and students. Patti and I were both overwhelmed by the royal welcome we received. It was so much fun to catch up on what happened at UB in the 40 years since I graduated. It is wonderful that you have kept field camp alive. It is obvious that it is a career you love and love to share with the students. On top of that, it is a service to our youth to help them grow in their confidence in themselves. I hope when the time comes way in the future you have groomed someone to carry on the tradition."

-Ken Hilfiker, ‘81

UB Geology Field Camp 2019

Travis Nelson.

Travis Nelson    

We tried a pedagogical experiment this year, knocking out one map site in favor of spending more time at the remaining sites. Greg Valentine and Margarete Jadamec taught the first site; Tracy Gregg and Chuck Mitchell taught the second site; and Tracy Gregg and Andrew Harp, Ph.D.'18 taught the last site. Head-chef Sue Bratcher made due with only one sous-chef (Katlyn Sewell, MS ’20) until Claudia Fletcher, MS ’19 flew in to save us. Travis kept everything moving along, in spite of his busy social life. Teacher assistants Meredith Cole, PhD ’22, Erin Schuster, PhD ’20 and Patrick Bobbit, MS ’20, helped the students learn while keeping them safe. We offer deep thanks to Ron Ufford and family, who allowed us to end field camp with a splash at his ranch!

Field camp students working on maps at Split Mountain campground, Utah.

Field camp students working on maps at Split Mountain campground, UT

Tracy Gregg, Ken Hilfker, and Patti Phillips in front of a mountain.

From left to right: Field Camp Director Associate Professor Tracy Gregg, with alumnus Ken Hilfiker (’81), his wife Patti Phillips and co-instructor Andrew Harp (Ph.D.,'18).