A Message From the Chair

Bea M. Csatho.

It is with great pleasure to share our Spring 2020 EPOCH Newsletter with you. We are returning to you after a long-break that brought many changes to the department.

We welcomed several new faculty members: Stephan Kolzenburg, Richard Marinos, Mattia de’ Michieli Vitturi, as assistant professors; Cari Ficken, research assistant professor; and James Boyle, clinical assistant professor and UB Geology alumnus, PhD in 2018. James started teaching in fall 2019, while the others will join the department in fall 2020. We are hiring, but we have also seen long-term faculty members, Charles (Chuck) Mitchell and Marcus Bursik, retire this year. We will miss Chuck and Marcus. We hope that we will stay in touch and that they will enrich the department with their research, advisement and especially with their knowledge of our backyard geology.

I hope, that you will enjoy the news and pictures of the EPOCH. I encourage you to visit our website, arts-sciences.buffalo.edu/geology, and social media accounts for more frequent updates.

Finally, I wish to thank everyone who has generously contributed to departmental activities, events, scholarships, awards and crowdfunding efforts. Your contributions make a difference!

Warm regards,

Bea Csatho Signature.

Bea M. Csatho, professor and chair

This newsletter has been in process before we understood the disruptions of COVID-19. We hope everyone in the extended UB Geology community is safe.  We will address the impact of the virus in the next issue; in the meantime, follow us on Twitter.