Daniel Ward

Dan Ward.

Dan Ward, MA Student

MA Student

What drew you to graduate work at UB?

I’ve always loved reading and writing about history. Graduate school for history was something I always wanted to do. The University at Buffalo’s History Department has an excellent reputation and an incredibly knowledgeable faculty. The opportunity to do graduate work at UB means you get to study and think about history at high level. That’s something that attracted me to study here.

What has been your favorite class or experience so far?

Dr. Andreas Daum’s Twentieth Century Europe Seminar has been my favorite class. It’s an interesting course with excellent readings that each provide a unique perspective. The decision to use historical films was a great addition to syllabus. The best experience of graduate school is the ability to work with peers who are friendly and really passionate about history. 

What do you hope to do after graduation, and how do you see your degree preparing you for that goal?

After graduation, I’d love to continue studying for a PhD. After that, I’d love to teach history at the college or high school level. I think the MA program at UB does a good job preparing you for the expectations and rigor of studying for a doctorate.

What are your favorite history spots in the Buffalo-Niagara area?

My favorite history spot in Buffalo is Old Fort Niagara. During the Seven Years’ War, it was the site of a key battle that gave the British control of access to the Niagara River. It’s a beautiful state park that’s perfect for a summertime excursion.

If you could have dinner with one famous historical person, who would it be?

I’d have dinner with Robert Oppenheimer. I’ve always been fascinated by his life and the history of the Manhattan Project.