Richard Deverell

Richard Deverell.

Richard Deverell, PhD candidate

PhD Candidate

What drew you to graduate work at UB?

Having pursued my collegiate studies at SUNY institutions from my Associate’s degree through my Master’s degree, I like that I can work with internationally-recognized faculty at a public institution, demonstrating the value of public education to our community, state, and nation. Beyond that, the relative proximity to my hometown of Rochester is helpful.

What do you hope to do after graduation, and how do you see your History degree preparing you for that goal?

Ideally, I want to teach and continue my research, but I am open to new opportunities. My progress in my degree has honed my research skills and focus so that any job in academia or an archive would be fruitful.

What has been your class or favorite experience so far as a UB History student?

It’s only tangentially-related to my work as a cultural historian, but I was able to have lunch with Nnedi Okorafor, a Hugo and Nebula Award winning author and professor in the English Department.

What are your favorite historical places around WNY?

The Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site, Forest Lawn Cemetery, and North Park Theatre are nice. My hometown of Rochester, on the other hand, has lots of history, from the Susan B. Anthony House, to the George Eastman House, to Brown’s Race on the Genesee River.

If you could have dinner with one famous historical person, who would it be?

It’s difficult to choose just one. I imagine that Arthur C. Clarke and Carl Sagan would be great conversationalists and I would leave the table full of wonder. Of people still living, Jerrie Cobb or Valentina Tereshkova would likely have awesome stories to tell and their opinions on current events would be interesting to hear.