Jeffrey Lavin, BA Media Study '16

Tell us what you are doing professionally.

I am a Content Specialist at Leisure Living Inc.; a large e-commerce company that sells and distributes a multitude of products on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more. My position requires me to provide sleek looking imagery and video content for the company's products on their website as well as on the other aforementioned websites. On a daily basis I'll use a mixture of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and / or Premiere to complete my work. The company constantly buys new products to sell which requires me to take pictures of it in the company's photo studio. On top of creating a product's imagery I'll have to write content for it as well, requiring me to know Microsoft Word and Excel for the use and organization of this data.

How was Media Study helpful in your career?

The Media Study department equipped me with a multitude of skills needed for me to do my job today. Everything from the basic studio set up needed to take pictures of products to the final brush up they receive in programs such as Adobe Photoshop. The University at Buffalo's (UB's) Media Study Department especially helped me the video production knowledge I needed to do my work today. Everything from company branded videos to tutorial and product videos, I have applied much of my practices from school when completing these projects. This includes video camera operations, planning before production (a.k.a. pre-production), the production process, and video editing and audio dubbing.

Are there any moments or teachers you remember most from your time at Media Study?

Moments that stick out most to me during my years as a UB Media Study student were towards the end of the semester when due dates for my finals were closing in and the long nights in the editing suite were just me and other students. I recall editing there until the sun would rise the following day in order to meet my professor's deadline, but in the end the work was satisfying. Finally, watching and reviewing completed works from among my fellow peers was always nerve wracking, but always ended in constructive criticism that made me a better media creator in the end. I more specifically recall my course take with Carl Lee which taught me a lot of what I know in the technical field of video production. I also learned how not to be late with returning rented equipment after about the third or fourth occurrence... sorry, Carl!

Anything else you would like to add?

UB's Media Study Department provided me more than just a lesson plan and some professors to go over that lesson plan, it gave me opportunities. Opportunities such as access to an amazing equipment room with tons of tools available to turn any of my ideas into something real, but most importantly it pushed me to interact with other students. Many of the courses I took required me to work and assess my work with other classmate; classmates which I am still friends with today outside of school. I am still working on independent video projects outside of my job with classmates I made friends with through the courses I took at UB.