Justin Lanza, BA Media Study '11

Justin Lanza.

Tell us what you are doing professionally.

I currently work managing the camera and audio equipment for Impractical Jokers in NYC. I sometimes work freelance as a camera operator or audio tech. I've worked on reality and network TV, major motion pictures, online ads, live events, etc. I also work on my own creative projects. 

How was Media Study helpful in your career?

It was crucial having assignments where you actually make something. I was able to meet some great people working in production in the real world through the University. 

Are there any moments or teachers you remember most from your time at Media Study?

Working in the equipment room was great. Learning how equipment works gave me the confidence to work with items that I may not fully understand, but I could definitely figure out. Mike Bouquard was my biggest mentor and advocate. We've gone on to work on multiple projects together. He showed me that if you are kind, show up early, and work hard, you can work in this industry. 

Anything else you would like to add?

I grew up an average middle class kid in Utica NY. I thought what was in the TV and Movies was a separate world with a lucky few who got to work and make a living. I now know that it is not only a viable career choice, but growing industry with a wide range of technical and creative jobs.