UBFilms is the Department of Media Study's internship program and academic experiential education initiative, focused on providing students with structured work experiences, as well as safe and supervised placements within different film and media fields related to the student’s program and/or career goal.

By partnering with a number of UB departments, programs as well as local film studios and production houses, the program provides students with a hands-on practice of filmmaking and various media fields, while closely observing the aesthetics, techniques and structure of the different projects’ workflow, and creating events for students to network with working artists and professionals, in relevant and growth-oriented projects.

How the program works:

1.     Students can apply for a UBFilms-Cultivated placement by completing an application form here. Once reviewed and approved, students will be notified of available placements, start dates and enrollment details.

2.     UBFilms is also offered as a 4-credit advanced production course every year, where eligible students can enroll to be mentored closely for a full academic semester, while completing their assigned projects in various positions and placements. Students also partake in programming and curating various events, planning field trips to production studios, workshops by guest speakers as well as year-end shows and project showcase events.

Course Availability - http://www.buffalo.edu/class-schedule?switch=showclass&semester=fall&division=UGRD&dept=DMS&regnum=24048


For all UBFilms general-related inquiries, including booking advising appointments, please contact:

UBFilms Internship Program: ubfilms@buffalo.edu

Additional Contacts:

Program Director & Faculty Supervisor: Sama Waham swaham@buffalo.edu

Program Manager: Michael Bouquard bouquard@buffalo.edu

Program Coordinator: Elaine L. Schwartz elainesc@buffalo.edu