Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Internship?

Internships are work-integrated learning placements that provide students with experience to add to their resumes or curriculum vitae, as well as an opportunity to establish professional connections within their fields.

What is UBFilms?

UBFilms is the Department of Media Study’s internship program and academic experiential education initiative, focused on providing students with structured work experiences, as well as safe and supervised placements within different film and media fields related to the student’s program and/or career goal.

More information about UBFilms.

How do I secure a suitable Internship in DMS?

  Contact Sama Waham for more information.


How am I graded for an internship?

Once approved, students identify a faculty member to sponsor their internship. They will work in partnership with the internship organization to determine your grade based upon your performance and required deliverables.

How many credit hours will my internship be?

The internship coordinator and your faculty sponsor will work with you to determine the number of credits for your internship. Generally, the amount of internship credits is based on the total hours you work with the internship organization:

  • 50 hours a semester = 1 credit hour
  • 100 hours a semester = 2 credit hour
  • 150 hours a semester = 3 credit hours
  • 200 hours a semester = 4 credit hours