UBFilms Internships

The Department of Media Study encourages students to obtain internships to gain valuable experience and insight into their career goals, build their resumes, shape and grow their professional network.

DMS has a number of partnerships with different departments within UB, in addition to local companies, production houses, art galleries, organizations, broadcasting stations and film studios, offering students a range of experiential learning opportunities that supplement their classroom learning with practical work-based experience.

Internship Guidelines:

To receive academic credit for an internship, the placement/position must:

  • Be approved by the department’s experiential learning faculty and staff
  • Be approved and supervised by a faculty sponsor within the Department of Media Study for the duration of the student’s internship term
  • Be supervised by a professional within the organization the student works for
  • Have clearly defined job responsibilities and activities agreed upon by the department, the student, their supervising faculty as well as their employer
  • Serve as a learning experience that assists the student in progressing toward their professional goal
  • Comply with the University’s bylaws and policies regarding international education (International students must refer to program advisor and International Student Services http://www.buffalo.edu/international-student-services.html  to ensure eligibility before submitting an application)


The Department of Media Study at UB prides itself on developing strong, long lasting relationships with on and off-campus employers and collaborators, while providing students with rewarding academic internships, and the opportunity to apply their media knowledge and skills while making a valuable contribution to different organizations.

To hire a student-intern through the Department of Media Study, please review the following steps and requirements:

  • Complete the following Form for information about the internship position.
  • Receive and review student applications
  • Request interviews through the UBFilms office
  • Extend job offers through the UBFilms office
  • Provide interns with meaningful career-related work, within a safe learning environment
  • Assign a supervisor or a mentor for each intern
  • Complete 2 performance evaluations over the course of the internship




  • Students who meet the following eligibility criteria are provided access to view and apply to these postings:
  • Registered in the Department of Media Study
  • In good academic standing with the university (not on probation)
  • Completed or registered in an intermediate or advanced level course relevant to the internship position- or equivalent experience (must obtain faculty’s approval)
  • Completed UBFilms internship application received by dates indicated below for each semeste
  • Comply with the University’s bylaws and policies regarding international education (International students must refer to program advisor and International Student Services http://www.buffalo.edu/international-student-services.html  to ensure eligibility before submitting an application)

Application Deadlines

Term                               Application Deadline

Fall 2021                         -   August 30 2021    

Spring 2022                    -  January 31 2020 -- For international Students: August January 17 2022*

Summer 2022 Session I   -  May 31st 2022    

Summer 2022 Session II  -  July 11 2022


Late applications will not be accepted

*International students must apply substantially earlier than the posted deadline to obtain CPT, and should direct any questions about how much additional time is needed to the international student services office. For more information, contact International Student Services




Internship Options

UBFilms-Cultivated Internships

Applying to Posted Opportunities

Throughout the year, internship placements are cultivated by the department’s UBFilms Internship Program, and posted under Available Placement Opportunities.

Students are encouraged to check the site often for placements, plan ahead if considering an internship in future terms and complete the respective application for each position by the deadline indicated.

Submitting an Application for Placement

Students can submit an Application to UBFilms requesting an internship placement. After reviewing and approving the application, UBFilms faculty and staff will search and match each applicant with a suitable placement that aligns with their professional goals.

Internships are not always guaranteed. Students must first be eligible (meet a minimum academic standard) and demonstrate professional readiness, followed by finding an open placement that is compatible with their interests and desired learning outcomes. With most placements, applicants must also successfully interview for the position.

Student-Initiated Internships:

Students can take the initiative to secure a job on their own and have their experience noted on the official student transcript as an internship placement. Approved positions, though not cultivated through the department, may hold equal value in providing you with a unique opportunity to capitalize on the learning opportunities within the position.

Interested students are required to complete the Student-Initiated Internship Application Form to see if their proposed position qualifies.

Student-initiated internship applications are submitted to UBFilms Internships Program for consideration on the following dates for each respective term: TBA

Enrollment & Evaluation

If the internship is approved for credit, you must complete the following deliverables for the faculty sponsor to assign a grade by the end of the semester accordingly:

  • Report at the beginning of your internship outlining your job duties and responsibilities.
  • Midterm journal at a date assigned by the faculty supervisor, with updates on your tasks and progress.
  • Final report outlining your experience, completed hours, challenges and learning outcomes.
  • An updated resume reflecting your completed internship.
  • Where applicable: A portfolio or a personal website demonstrating media samples of projects worked on.
  • Report of completed tasks and performance evaluation sent directly from the student’s internship supervisor/employer to the internship coordinator and faculty sponsor.

Faculty sponsors may decide to modify or assign additional requirements.