Faculty Videos

Jonathan Golove, 'cello

Jonathan Golove on working closely with students and visiting artists: "I think the greatest reward is interacting with people from a variety of traditions. It's really eye and mind-opening."

Eric Huebner, piano

Eric Huebner discusses the Music in Buffalo's Historic Places series, and working with his students on musicality, interpretation, and guiding them toward more mature performances.

Tom Kolor, percussion

Tom Kolor discusses being "obsessed" with music, and the musical utopia he's found at UB.

John Nelson, trumpet

Jon Nelson discusses the concert band's thought-provoking repertoire and professional work ethic, and the importance of establishing a musical presence in Buffalo.

The Academic Study of Music: Music Theory & Historical Musicology

James CurrieRichard Plotkin, and Stephanie Vander Wel discuss the academic study of music at UB, including Music Theory and Historical Musicology.

George Caldwell, piano

George Caldwell, director of the UB Jazz Ensembles, discusses his strategy of working with students, and sharing his experiences of making music with some of the great jazz performers of the 20th century.