Registration for Winter Online Music Classes Open Now

Professor Sungmin Shin teaching at the UB department of Music.

Professor Sungmin Shin teaching at the UB department of Music

The UB Department of music will offer six winter session classes from January 5-22. Registration information available here. All classes are online.

Course Offering

MUS364: World Music
Professor Domouchelle
Description: Introduces the student to music from all over the world, and expands concepts of music in the process. Students learn about different instruments from other cultures and how they influence the music they produce, and explore common features of Asian, European, African, American, and Oceanic music. Students also learn different ways of listening. Designed for non-majors. Requires no musical background.

MUS206: Music in the Movies
Joel Kirk
Description: Examines film music, considered within its chronological, thematic, and cultural contexts. Devotes class time to the presentation of classic or representative films in the history of film scoring, relevant musical material and concepts, and the basic vocabulary of music and film criticism. No prerequisites; requires no previous musical experience.

MUS115: Understanding Music
 John Aulich
Description: History of musical style from the Renaissance to the present day. Examines selected masterpieces of Western music as well as such recent phenomena as serialism, minimalism, electronic, and computer music; requires no previous formal training in music.

MUS116: Theory of Music for Non Majors
 Jessie Kiser
Description: Elements of writing music; melody, rhythm, intervals, chords, harmony, tone color, and styles of musical expression. Music signs and symbols; traditional language of tonal music, with examples drawn from popular and classical music. No prerequisites.

MUS114: Genres of Music
 Tyler Adamthwaite
Description: Studies one of the historically established musical forms in Western art music, computer music, popular music, or film music; lectures and listening assignments. Nonmajors; no prerequisites.

MUS301: Intro to Electronic Music 1 
Alex Buehler
Description: Two-semester course for students interested in music produced by electronic means. Explores the history and practice of electronic music, synthesizer music, and computer music. Examines experimental, rock, and other popular forms. Students learn basic studio techniques, synthesis/sound manipulation techniques, and psychoacoustic principles. There may be a class fee assessed to your student account.