"Break on Through" Performance Class

Unlock the doors to creativity and artistry.

Unclock the doors to creativity and artisty.

Course Description

In this safe classroom environment, students use sound work, body work, visualization practices, and other creative experimentation, students learn to break through inhibitions and fears, and develop a stronger sense of their personal artistic identity. Exercises strengthen self awareness, focus, and intention, helping students feel more at ease on and off the stage. In addition to group exercises, students will have the opportunity to share, develop, and present their own creative work and perform. This class is designed to support performance artists of all genres.  

In this course you will:

Develop awareness of your physical and mental habits, releasing restrictive patterns in exchange for practices that strengthen and nurture your creativity, self-esteem, and artistic identity.

Develop artistic and professional materials that align with your creative and personal goals. 

Become more confident to create and present creative work. 


UB students who would like to participate in this class are required to register for the following:

MUS 202

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