Abdulaziz Almuslem

Meet Aziz Almuslem, a 4th-year PhD student studying international relations, comparative politics, public international law and international organizations.

Abdulaziz Almuslem.

Aziz Almuslem

What led you to choose the Department of Political Science? 
I chose the Department of Political Science at UB because of its emphasis on empiricism and methodology when studying political phenomenon. That, coupled with the responsiveness of the highly accomplished faculty, made the Department of Political Science at UB an excellent incubator for producing high quality academic research. 

How would you describe the culture of the department?
I would describe the culture of the student cohort as characterized by thoughtful intellectual discussion, strong political inquisitiveness, and a clear focus on methodological rigor. As for the department itself, it is resourceful, aims to allow for a good work-life balance, and values clear communication. 

Have any faculty members become close mentors?
Yes, several faculty have become close mentors. I was able to make significant progress on my research under Professor Benson’s guidance. Professor Danilovic and Professor Kathman have also provided valuable feedback that has been instrumental for my research. 

What are your plans post-graduation? 
I plan on teaching political science at a university in my home state.

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