Chhandosi Roy

Meet Chhandosi Roy, a 2nd-year PhD student studying international politics and comparative politics.

Cchandosi Roy.

Chhandosi Roy

What led you to choose the Department of Political Science? 
The faculty. I got my undergraduate degree in Political Science at UB. My stint as an undergraduate student brought me in contact with some of the best educators and researchers I have ever encountered, all of whom expressed confidence in my abilities and encouraged me to pursue graduate studies. 

What's your favorite experience that you've had so far?
Being in this department has placed me among people with similar interests (and great sense of humor!), with whom I can always count on having an informative conversation. The experience is so rewarding because the learning never stops and it is fun!

How would you describe the culture of the department?
The faculty, staff and students are amicable, eager to help, and generous. Academically, there is a good balance between encouragement of producing innovative original research and emphasis on the importance of team work to do so.

Have any faculty members become close mentors?
Dr. Kathman and Dr. Benson have been instrumental in my decision of entering the academia. I have learned from Dr. Kathman the importance of creativity in research and building up on knowledge by breaking it down. Dr. Benson has always entrusted me with practical hands on work for research, which has given me precious insight into the depths of the Political Science academia. 

What experiences are you looking forward to before you graduate?
Working to take the first step into the Political Science research community, presenting at conferences, getting helpful feedback from more researchers, and making new friends!

What are your plans post-graduation?
I intend to try and get a research position at a University or a Non-Governmental Organization and continue to expand my work in academia studying political violence and more. 

How do you envision your time here impacting your future goals and opportunities?
The Department of Political Science at UB gives its students the tools and skills necessary to take multiple possible directions. I aspire to keep doing research, therefore, I get the option of increasing my skills in research methods along with access to a vast amount of academic resources available through the department. Couple that with guidance from an accomplished and experienced faculty, I believe the Department of Political Science at UB is a fantastic first stepping-stone for a budding researcher. 

What would you say to a prospective student who is considering Political Science at UB?
Being at UB Political Science was the best decision I ever made. Anyone with a penchant for Political Science, looking for a well-balanced, inclusive, rigorous Political Science program with accomplished and helpful faculty, this is the place for them.

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