Colin Tucker

Meet Colin Tucker, a 4th-year PhD student studying international relations.

Colin Tucker.

Colin Tucker

What led you to choose the Department of Political Science? 
UB provided an excellent funding package. Buffalo was also a familiar place, with friends and faculty I knew. This made UB an easy selection. 

What's your favorite experience that you've had so far?
The amount of learning; I feel that I learned more in my first semester at graduate school than in all four years of my undergraduate education. Even more, presenting research at conferences. I felt that I became a part of a community who was as passionate about certain issues as I was.

How would you describe the culture of the department?
Department faculty are both friendly and knowledgeable. As I have progressed through my graduate career, I feel that I have become more of a colleague rather than a student. With regard to the other students – It’s refreshing to be surrounded by individuals with similar academic interests, yet all the while coming from different backgrounds and life-experiences. 

Have any faculty members become close mentors?
Dr. Michelle Benson has continued to provide insightful feedback on my career aspirations, course selections, and research projects. Even more, she has brought me on as a co-author with her own research, which we have presented together and continue to present together at research conferences. I cannot imagine my graduate career without a mentor like her.

What experiences are you looking forward to before you graduate?
I look forward to publishing my first article in an academic journal.

What are your plans post-graduation?
I’m open to many career paths and will pursue the opportunities that best fit my lifestyle and research interests.

How do you envision your time here impacting your future goals and opportunities?
The Department of Political Science has exposed me to a wide variety of research areas, allowing me to find my passion. With this passion in mind, the department has provided me the knowledge, experience, and skills to succeed as a researcher in many career-fields.

What would you say to a prospective student who is considering Political Science at UB?
I turned down other offers to come to Buffalo’s Department of Political Science and I am happy I did. The Department of Political Science offers the academic rigor and opportunities of a large, public university. Meanwhile, the city of Buffalo offers an exciting environment to have fun in and explore. 

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