Collin Anderson

Meet Collin Anderson, a 5th-year PhD student studying international relations and comparative politics.

Collin Anderson.

Collin Anderson

What led you to choose the Department of Political Science? 
I chose UB because I knew from my undergraduate years here that it was a quality department, where I could receive a good education in a smaller environment.

What's your favorite experience that you've had so far?
My favorite experience has actually been the opportunity to teach. Originally, I was not someone who enjoyed the thought of teaching a class full of students, but my teaching experiences here have brought me around to it. 

How would you describe the culture of the department?
I would describe the culture of the department as open and supporting, while leaving students enough room to work on their own interests.

Have any faculty members become close mentors?
I have had the opportunity to work closely with several faculty members in the department, who have all been extremely helpful, but the ones that I have worked the closest with are Jake Neiheisel, Jake Kathman, and Harvey Palmer. These three make up my dissertation committee, and have guided me through the challenging task of writing a dissertation. Additionally, because I teach so much, Dr. Neiheisel has proven to be invaluable for advice and guidance when it comes to handling undergraduates.

What experiences are you looking forward to before you graduate?
I’m looking forward to my dissertation defense.

What are your plans post-graduation?
My (current) plan is to hopefully find an academic job in Canada or Scandinavia, preferably Sweden, and to move there. 

How do you envision your time here impacting your future goals and opportunities?
I envision that the training I received at the department to have prepared me well for high advancement in the higher-education institution that I land in. 

What would you say to a prospective student who is considering Political Science at UB?
I would say definitely strongly consider the department, especially if you want to become a professor. The faculty here is knowledgeable and friendly, but leave you plenty of room to work as an individual. Everything that you could need out of a graduate department is in ready supply here, in a more intimate setting than many other programs. 

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