Equity and Inclusion

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Our Commitment

The Department of Psychology at the University at Buffalo is strongly committed to creating an inclusive community that is welcoming to everyone. As a department, we recognize that our ability to engage in innovative research, teaching, and outreach depends critically on recruiting, maintaining, and supporting a diverse community of scholars, staff, and students.

As our world becomes increasingly globalized, our department – and the field of psychology as a whole – is in a unique position to contribute important insights into the science of diversity.  Students and faculty in our department use rigorous scientific methods to study a wide range of topics that reflect the breadth and depth of psychology. From examining how humans and animals respond to a variety of stimuli in the environment, to how they acquire preferences, process complex concepts, and perceive and interact with others, having a department that embraces a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives strengthens and enhances the work that we do.

We value diversity as a fundamental aspect of our departmental mission, because welcoming a variety of viewpoints and fostering an inclusive climate ultimately enriches our intellectual experiences and collaborative endeavors.  Furthermore, embracing a diversity of perspectives in our research, teaching, and clinical work serves to bridge the academic world with the real world, by informing interventions and policies that help to address recurrent problems in our community and in broader society.

Equity and Inclusion Resources

Please check out our local UB resources, which may benefit individuals from a variety of diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

Equity and Inclusion Committee

Psychology's Equity and Inclusion Committee will advise the department chair on ways to enhance diversity in hiring, recruitment, admissions and retention. The committee will also liaise with UB administrators who oversee diversity, equity and inclusion, and will engage in outreach with the local community consistent with the committee's mission.

Faculty Representatives

  • Joyce Lacy, PhD (Committee Co-Chair and Diversity Officer)
  • Kenneth DeMarree, PhD (Committee Co-Chair)
  • Julie Bowker, PhD
  • Paul Meyer, PhD
  • Kathleen Parks, PhD
  • David Shucard, PhD

Graduate Student Representatives

  • Destiny Brakey
  • Kathy Ison
  • Leslie Mei  
  • Ashmita Mukherjee
  • Cassie O’Brien  
  • Gretchen Perhamus
  • Mariam Shafik
  • David Vollweiler

Undergraduate Representatives

  • Thamarah Bouaz
  • Emily Demieri 
  • Alexis Harrell 
  • Danielle Haynes 
  • Jordan Johnson 
  • Jyla Serfino 
  • Grayson Smith 
  • Omeed Tartak
  • Nabiha Ukaj