Katharina A. Azim


Katharina Azim.

Katharina A. Azim


Katharina A. Azim


Research Interests

Ethnic identity; MENA/Arab/Muslim+psychology; women’s reproductive health

Contact Information

346 Park Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260-4110

Phone: (716) 645-0226



  • PhD, University of Memphis


I teach the undergraduate course Communicating for Psychological Sciences. My main teaching interests and courses I have previously taught on the undergraduate and graduate level are Cultural Psychology, Academic Research and Writing, and Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology.

My research focuses on ethnicity and ethnic identity development, as well as acculturation and enculturation processes. I am particularly interested in MENA/Arab/Muslim+ women’s perceptions of ethnic identity at the intersection of geopolitical, sociocultural, religious, and gendered factors. My second line of research encompasses women’s reproductive health, agency, and rights in the United States. Methodologically, I specialize in qualitative research approaches, including postcolonial feminist and poststructural theories, autoethnography, and narrative inquiry. I have also served as a quantitative methodologist in various clinical studies.

Selected Publications

  • Azim, K. A., Happel-Parkins, A., & Moses, A. (In Press). Epistles of dyspareunia: Storying Christian women’s experiences of painful sex. Culture, Health, & Sexuality. doi: 10.1080/13691058.2020.1718759
  • Happel-Parkins, A., Azim, K. A., & Moses, A. (2020). “I just beared through it:” Southern U.S. Christian women’s experiences of chronic dyspareunia. Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy, 44(2), 72-86.
  • Azim, K. A., & Happel-Parkins, A. (2019). Veiled aggression: Saudi women international students’ experiences of microcolonization in the United States. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 32(1), 1-20.
  • Azim, K. A., MacGillivray, L., & Heise, D. (2019). Mothering in the margin: A narrative inquiry of women with children in a homeless shelter. Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless, 28(1), 34-43.
  • Rhodes, P., Azim, K. A., et al. (2018). We are barometers of the city: Collected poems by psychologists. Human Arenas, 2(2), 170-185.
  • Azim, K. A. (2018). Sociocultural theory. In L. Lambert, & N. Pasha-Zaidi (Eds.), An introduction to psychology for the Middle East (and beyond) (pp. 159-163). Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge.
  • Azim, K. A. (2018). Multiple intelligences & perceptions of intelligence. In L. Lambert, & N. Pasha-Zaidi (Eds.), An introduction to psychology for the Middle East (and beyond) (pp. 196-198). Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge.
  • Azim, A. A., Tarrosh, M., Azim, K. A., & Piasecki, L. (2018). Comparison between single-file rotary systems: Part 2 – The effect of length of the instrument subjected to cyclic loading on cyclic fatigue resistance. Journal of Endodontics, 44(12), 1837-1842.
  • Azim, A. A., Wang, H. H., Tarrosh, M., Azim, K. A., & Piasecki, L. (2018). Comparison between single-file rotary systems: Part 1- Efficiency, effectiveness, and adverse effects in endodontic retreatment. Journal of Endodontics, 44(11), 1720-1724.
  • Happel-Parkins, A., & Azim, K. A. (2017). She said, she said: Interruptive narratives of pregnancy and childbirth. Journal of Midwifery Science, 5(2), 93-99.
  • Happel-Parkins, A. & Azim, K. A. (2017). Thinking birth differently: Three theoretical explorations of natural childbirth stories. Departures in Critical Qualitative Research, 6(4), 23-48.
  • Azim, A. A., Azim, K. A., & Abbott, P. V. (2017). Prevalence of inter-appointment endodontic flare-ups and host related factors. Clinical Oral Investigations, 21(3), 889-894.
  • Happel-Parkins, A. & Azim, K. A. (2016) At pains to consent: A narrative inquiry into women’s attempts of natural childbirth. Women & Birth, 29(4), 310-320.
  • Azim, K. A. (2015). Traveling through liminal space: The autoethnographic account of an immigrant. International Review of Qualitative Research, 8(4), 453-462.