Meet Our Students

Based on faculty and instructor nominations to the Undergraduate Studies Committee, the department chooses one undergraduate major  to feature as our monthly Sociology & Criminology Student Spotlight. This program recognizes the extraordinary achievements, accomplishments, and activities of our undergraduate students.

Current Student Spotlight:

  • Jeremy Carr.

    May 2020: Bahati Adam

    Bahati says she chose sociology as a major because “studying sociology has not only broadened my perspective on life, it has also provided me with the ability to challenge the status quo and be able to think outside the norm.” She has particularly enjoyed the difficult conversations about “race, class and religion” that she has had in her sociology classes. She explains that if these topics aren’t addressed, “we cannot be able to reduce or solve inequalities."

    After graduation, Bahati plans to go to law school and eventually work as a human rights lawyer.


Previous Student Spotlights

  • 4/1/20
    Margret says the reason she became a sociology major was because she thinks “sociology deals with important issues that fundamentally relate to everyday life around us.” One of her favorite experiences studying sociology at UB has been studying abroad in the UB Semester in London program. She explains: “It was an experience that I’ll never forget and has provided me with memories and knowledge that have increased my appreciation for the major and the world around me.”
  • 3/2/20
    Kiana says she chose to major in criminology and sociology because she is interested in understanding “how institutions and other sorts of systems of inequality affect the people in my Latinx community, and how that plays a role in shaping their life chances.” Kiana is currently applying her criminology course work as an intern with Peaceprints of Western NY, a reentry program for those involved with the criminal justice system.
  • 1/31/20
    Uma’s passion for fighting social injustice led her to major in sociology. She explains: “The sociology department has given me the platform to speak about the issues that our society and country don't talk about. I'm able to speak with confidence and passion about the issues of White Supremacy terrorism, the issues of Criminal Justice reform, the issues of Public policy and common-sense reform.” Uma says she chose sociology at UB because “One leaves with not just academic knowledge but current knowledge and experiences encountered by students, and students of color, immigrants in America.”
  • 12/2/19
    Katy chose to become a criminology major because she enjoys “learning about how crime is perceived and facilitated by society.” One of Katy’s favorite experiences at UB was studying abroad in London through the Sociology Department where she “grew as a person” and also had the chance to get to know other Sociology majors.
  • 12/2/19
    Avery chose to become a sociology major because “the discipline is a way to directly interrogate disparities (social, economic, and health, etc.) within society.” In addition to majoring in Sociology, Avery is also majoring in Urban & Public Policy and minoring in Public Health and Environmental Design. Avery is also conducting research on food access and equity in the Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab at UB. 
  • 9/30/19
    Allen chose to become a criminology major in the Sociology Department’s new Criminology BA program because he has “always been interested in the effects of crime in society and how it shapes law, especially focusing on substance use and the drug trade.”  He also picked criminology because of his professors. He explained that his professors “are all very passionate about what they teach and because of this, it makes learning the material much more interesting and rewarding."
  • 5/1/19
    Joe admits he didn’t know much about Sociology before starting at UB and taking Sociology courses.  He says “I find the content incredibly relevant to understanding life more fully and how to address the most complicated problems faced by people of all ages.” Joe has been a particularly active member of the department community, serving as a research assistant, a CAS ambassador, and an officer in the Sociology Club.  This summer, Joe will attend the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association to present his research.