Anupriya Pandey

Anupriya Pandey.

B. Tech (2012)- Electrical and Electronics, Rajasthan Tech. University, India
MA Education (2017)- Azim Premji University, India
MA Sociology (2020)- SUNY University at Buffalo

Research Interests: 
Theory, Culture and Environment, Inequality, Qualitative methods

I am interested in theorizing the relationship between people and their cultural associations with food, farming, and/or harvesting with a substantive focus on the Central Himalayan region of India. Particularly how this relationship shapes peoples’ connection with self and nature; and how it may or may not vary by Caste and Class. I am curious to know how the capitalist/neo-liberal forces have gathered substantial attention in the debates of environmental conservation or degradation in contrast to the cultural linkages or ideas of people’s relationship with self and nature. Precisely how these ways of being and knowledge systems are sidelined in the given discourse of critiquing consumption patterns created by forces such as nation-states, corporations, etc.

Apart from Sociology I enjoy reading absurdist literature and Hindi/Urdu poetry. I have also taught Contemporary Asian Societies and South Asian Cinema using an interdisciplinary approach to scrutinize stratification, global chains of inequality, with specific focus on contemporary and historical analysis of social problems in South Asia.