Kristen Connolly

Kristen Connolly.

MA: MS; Criminal Justice, 2010, SUNY Buffalo State College
BS: BS; Criminal Justice, 2007, Hilbert College

Research interests:
Drug Use and Addiction; Crime; Sociology of Law; Inequality

Recent Courses:
Introduction to Sociology
Drugs and Society
Sociology of Diversity

Bio: I am a PhD candidate and instructor in the Department of Sociology at the University at Buffalo. I am currently working on my dissertation, which is a study of physicians and their prescribing habits pertaining to opioid pain medications. This project combines my interests of drug use and addiction with my other interests of crime and the law. The big questions that guide my work are “How do physicians manage to effectively treat patients with pain while minimizing the likelihood that they will be subject to some sort of sanction due to their prescribing practices?” and “How has the opioid epidemic and the threat of sanctions affected the autonomy of physicians and their ability to effectively treat patients with pain?” My project also seeks to examine under what conditions do physicians find themselves being scrutinized and possibly even sanctioned due to their prescribing practices. When I am not teaching at UB, I often teach courses at another college in the area.