Oluwafisayo Ogundoro

'Fisayo Ogundoro.

BA: French, 2015, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
MA: Liberal Studies (Concentration in Gender and Diversity Studies) & Sociology, 2019 & 2021, East Tennessee State University

Research Interests:
Gender, Work, Childcare, Family, Social Policy

‘Fisayo Ogundoro is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology at the University at Buffalo. Her research interests center around understanding how male privilege, gender discrimination, and organizational work-culture impact women’s advancement. Through her master’s thesis, she studied how women struggle to be ideal workers in the workplace by meeting organizational demands, and if married, how they strive to be good wives and good mothers. These challenges contribute to the burden women experience accessing work-life balance and career advancement.

Email: osogundo@buffalo.edu

Website: www.fisayoogundoro.com