MA in Sociology

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The MA in Sociology prepares students for careers in teaching, research, industry, government or non-profit organizations, as well as to pursue a doctoral degree.

Degree Requirements

The MA degree requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of master’s-level courses, including nine (9) credit hours of mandatory coursework:

  • SOC 567 Sociological Theory
  • SOC 606 Social Research Methods
  • SOC 504 Social Statistics

Master's Portfolio or Master's Project
The MA degree also requires the completion of either a Master’s Portfolio (for those pursuing careers after the MA degree) or original scholarship in the form of a Master’s Project (for those continuing in academia or research), written under the supervision of at least two regular department faculty. 

Graduate Handbook
Further information about the MA degree, including policies, requirements and coursework, can be found in the Graduate Handbook.

Why did you choose to complete an MA portfolio?

“I chose to do the portfolio because I felt it would prepare me for a non-academic career after graduation. The portfolio gave me the opportunity to make important contacts and develop my interviewing skills. I also gained the experience of transcribing interviews and writing a white paper.”

-- Alia Aeid, MA 2020

Did You Know?

Students typically complete the master's program within two years. MA students who wish to continue their studies may apply for funding as a PhD student.

Careers and Placements of MA Graduates

Our MA students take a variety of paths after finishing their degree. Many continue on in our PhD program. Others transfer to various other PhD programs across the country. Other MA graduates find applied jobs with community, governmental, or educational institutions. See where our recent graduates are now!

MA graduates working in industry/community/higher education

  • Camry Dean, 2020, School counselor assistant, REACH Academy Charter School
  • Olivia Delos, 2020, Research Analyst, Xsperient
  • Morgan Ferris, 2020, Manager, Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Nicole Keilitz, 2020, Teacher, Stanley G. Falk School
  • Jacqueline Sifuentes, 2020, Intern, VIA Evaluation
  • Alex Capella, 2019, Research Analyst, Knowledge, Systems and Research
  • Kharuna Jaichandra, 2019, Senior Executive at Singapore International Foundation
  • Albert Kim, 2019, Research Analyst, American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
  • Brandon Noga, 2019, Assistant Director of Admissions, Utica College
  • Richard Patti, 2019, Adjunct instructor, Medaille College and Niagara County Community College
  • Natasha Clark, 2018, Administrative Coordinator, The Expedition School
  • Tenzin Metok, 2018, Program Associate, The Tibet Fund
  • Stephanie Valenzuela, 2018, Case Manager, Jewish Family Service
  • Rochelle Chua, 2017, Research Assistant at Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • Aaron Elliott, 2016, Insights and Segmentation Manager at Elsevier Press
  • Sarah Kaiser, 2016, Field Organizer and Program Director of Center for Inquiry, Western New York
  • Jou-An Pan, 2016, Researcher, The Mustard Seed Mission, Taiwan
  • Sean Sullivan, 2015, Ceramic Pro Installer at 503 Motoring
  • Kaylee Zaleski, 2015, Marketing Coordinator, Huther Doyle
  • Brian Jank, 2013, Adjunct instructor, Trocaire College
  • Wendy Hilleren, 2012, Funeral Home Assistant, Service Corporation International
  • Apatio Coulibaly, 2011, A Future Without Poverty nonprofit organization
  • Jinfa Steve Soh, 2011, Youth Guidance Ofifcer, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore Boys Home
  • Elizabeth Hicks, 2010, Assistant Professor, College of Staten Island
  • Andrew Wong, 2010, Senior Financial Aid Counselor, California College of the Arts
  • Amy Natiella, 2009, Data analyst for Rochester Regional Health


MA graduates who continued to another PhD program

  • Cassidy Castiglione, 2019, Rice University
  • Cheyenne Lonobile, 2019, Pennsylvania State University
  • Logan Valenty, 2018, University of California, Riverside
  • Seon Yup Lee, 2017, Washington State University
  • Joel Inbody, 2016, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Matthew Colon-Diaz, 2014, Georgia State University
  • William Richardson, 2014, Northwestern University
  • Yan Zhang, 2014, Michigan State University
  • Christine Slocum, 2010, University of Washington
  • Rachel LaTouche, 2009, Indiana University

MA graduates who continued on to UB Sociology PhD

  • Anupriya Pandey, 2020
  • Zoe Rui Huang, 2020
  • Christopher Bosley, 2019
  • Zachary Evans, 2019
  • Julia Schoonover, 2019
  • Daniel Bagnall, 2018
  • Willis Danielson, 2018
  • Jessica Coley, 2017
  • Francisco Figueroa, 2017
  • Margaret Rex, 2017
  • Byung Soo Lee, 2016
  • Siqi Wang, 2016
  • Michael Cimasi, 2015
  • Eileen Keh, 2015
  • Matthew McLeskey, 2015
  • Jared Strohl, 2014
  • Watoii Rabii, 2013
  • Gregory Hall, 2013
  • Kiera Duckworth, 2012
  • Sarah Glann, 2012
  • Melis Kural, 2012
  • Lauren Nicholas, 2012
  • Paul Durlak, 2011
  • Patrick McDonald, 2011
  • Jessica Hoffman, 2010
  • Diana (Pehlic) Samardzic, 2010
  • Margaret Smith, 2010
  • Tyler Dupont, 2009
  • Christina Panagakis, 2009
  • Sarah Smith, 2009

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We encourage prospective students to get in touch with us directly by emailing Susie Sheron, our graduate coordinator, at You may also complete an information request form to learn more about UB or pursuing graduate work in other departments. Current UB students may contact their faculty advisor or the Director of Graduate Studies with questions.

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